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About Me.

Chief Cheerleader 

Hiya I’m Danni, founder of Mama Tribe, cheerleader of Women in business and gatherer of the TRIBE!

I launched this business in 2017 whilst on maternity leave with my second son. I wanted to create a community of Women that can support each other through Motherhood and in business.

So many Mums I chat to, are either choosing not to return to work after having a baby, have been unable to find work that fits around childcare or have created a side hustle to raise extra income for their family.

Mama Tribe is for all Mums, at whatever stage of Motherhood or in business.

Together we are a TRIBE, a community of strong Women, that understand each other, share similar experiences and can support each other whilst we juggle life and caring for our own little tribes.

So how can I HELP?

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Introducing Jenna Karen Soft Furnishings

Jenna - Jenna Karen Soft Furnishings       Hi Jenna,   Tell us about your business and the type of products you sell? I make a variety of bespoke products including curtains, blinds, box cushions and other soft furnishings which are all hand sewn...

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13 Things I Took For Granted Before Motherhood

13 Things I Took For Granted Before Motherhood by Cara Oh My Baby Goulding     They say that having a baby changes you and changes your life The reason they say this is because they've been there. It almost becomes a mantra that gets passed down from mum to...

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Antenatal & Postnatal Classes & Workshops

Network Directory Are you pregnant and looking to find a class to prepare you for your child's birth or are you looking at fitness programmes to help you both during and after your pregnancy? For hypnobirthing, pre and postnatal yoga, bespoke...

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Introducing Crystabelles

Krista Mansfield - Crystabelles       Hi Krista,   Tell us about your business and the type of products you sell? I make soy wax crystal candles and melts. I carefully match the scent notes to the benefits of the candle so they work well together...

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American Idiot

American Idiot by Kate Take Me Out Tonight Women's rights With the passing of new laws last month that effectively ban any form of termination in several states of America being a stark warning for women’s rights, I think it’s time that we talked honestly about...

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