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About Me.

Chief Cheerleader 

Hiya I’m Danni, founder of Mama Tribe, cheerleader of Women in business and gatherer of the TRIBE!

I launched this business in 2017 whilst on maternity leave with my second son. I wanted to create a community of Women that can support each other through Motherhood and in business.

So many Mums I chat to, are either choosing not to return to work after having a baby, have been unable to find work that fits around childcare or have created a side hustle to raise extra income for their family.

Mama Tribe is for all Mums, at whatever stage of Motherhood or in business.

Together we are a TRIBE, a community of strong Women, that understand each other, share similar experiences and can support each other whilst we juggle life and caring for our own little tribes.

So how can I HELP?

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This is STILL me

This is STILL me by Jessica Warne     This is ME I’m in my living room with my seven year old and we are singing “this is me” at the top of our lungs and I have never felt like such a fraud. The song is all about acceptance, loving the skin you are in and...

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5 Steps To Get Started With Wholesale

5 Steps To Get Started With Wholesale by Therese Small Business Collaborative Steps to get started with wholesale Wholesale can be a great way to scale your business, it will take a lot of work to get started but once it’s set up it doesn’t take much longer to send a...

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Returning to work after maternity leave

Returning to work after maternity leave by Georgia It's a Dotty Little Life   Remember the days when, after a long summer, it’s finally time to go back to school. The new uniform. The new pencil case. The new pens and pencils and the feeling of hope and...

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5 Steps I Took To Start My Own Business

5 steps I took to start my own business (and 5 things I’d do differently if I was to do it again now) by Amy Rose Gould   5 steps I took to start my own business I’ve recently celebrated my three year business anniversary (yay) and it felt like a good time to...

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Introducing Simply Thrive

Alison Ford - Simply Thrive Hi Alison,   Tell us about the Services you offer? I'm passionate about supporting people to look at their well-being as a whole; to encourage them to reconnect with what makes them tick and to shape their life to suit them as an...

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