Why 2019 is your year!

by Maxine

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What’s your opinion on “New Year, New Me”?

Are you embracing it? Looking for ways to become the new you or are you heading for a slightly different perspective like me?

I have spent countless years of my life heading into a brand spanking new year with ambitions for it to be better than the last. Quite often this would be related to me and either getting the body I had always dreamed off and longed for (by doing zero work towards getting it I might add) or maybe being less stresses, kinder, a better listening, not worrying so much and the list goes on. You see, this year I finally realised that every year all I was doing was starting a new one by putting myself down. Focusing on everything that I thought I needed to change about myself, why I couldn’t be that person over there instead. So I made a rule this time round. New Year – Same Me but with a twist.


I’m not focusing on creating a whole new me – what’s the point?

I’ve been this “me” for 35 years now and you know what I think I might finally be comfortable with it. What I am more interested in now, as a parent, as a business owner and for myself is working on being the best version of me. Identifying all my strengths and what makes me me and acknowledging where I could do with some work to improve the bits that aren’t a weakness but maybe just don’t flow as well as they should.


I want the same for you.

There’s too much pressure on thinking we need to change who we are to be what’s considered “better” or more successful. We don’t have to become new people, we just need to be a lot kinder to ourselves and work on the bits that need some work – that’s all nice and simple.


This is your year to do that.

This is your year to be the best version of you, for you. Once you start doing that it’s going to echo through each area of your life and the area I want to talk about is your business.

If like me, you are new to being self employed and your own boss you are most likely going through a lot of emotions, challenges and changes as you get accustomed to your new life. I’ve been my own boss for over a year now and in business for 2 and I think I have never had my eyes opened more than in the last year. Running your own business is hard work – it’s not all swanning off to coffee shops like people think it is or sitting in front of the tele all day because you can. Nope – come on people we are working for ourselves and if we’re not making the money for us who is then?

I recognised last year that I need to stop. I needed to stop trying to be a new version of me. I need to stop comparing myself, I needed to stop doubting myself, I needed to stop trying to be something that I wasn’t because I felt like I had to be – this wasn’t just in business, this was being a parent too.

Once I did that – things shifted.

I started to notice a really valuable change in my whole being. I finally accepted that being me was all I needed to be and giving myself time to dedicated to being the best version of me meant that I was happier at home and certainly happier in business.


1) Take some time out

We all read about #digitaldetox but there’s a reason why it’s becoming so huge and so many more people are taking one. It’s simply becoming too much. We are absorbed on a daily basis in content content content and our brains don’t know what to do anymore. As a business owner we can often fall into a trap of letting Social Media overrun our lives, even to the point where we stress if we haven’t posted for a day and might have missed our “optimal time window”. This isn’t good and I am here to tell you that.

Tough love is what’s needed. Your business will not fall apart overnight if you take a break from being on Social Media. If your mind and body is aching for you to come away from it for a bit to help you, do it – listen to your mind and body because when you do come back you’re be in a better head-space, you would have no doubt recognised what you need to change in your outlook and routine and you’ll be in a better place for your business.


2) Think about what is really important to you

This is a big one because once you have truly defined what is important to you it will change the way you look at and approach your business. What does success look like to you? What does it mean for you and your family? I used to see friends working long hours and would often miss bedtime but they earnt mega bucks – to me I thought they were successful because of the money, but actually it was coming at a much harder sacrifice.


3) Start your day right

I had fallen into the trap over and over of as soon as the school run ended jumping straight on my computer, eating breakfast at my desk and then feeling like a zombie right up until school pick up. I felt I had to be there at my desk working, putting in every second I could – old corporate mentally there? Most likely.

Who was going to judge me if I came in, made a tea and drank it while listening to the radio for 10 mins? No one. What I soon realised was I was reaching burn out. I was doing all this and yet achieving nothing except a frazzled head and state of mind. I was busy essentially doing nothing because by the end of the day having been at my desk for 5 hours (often skipping lunch – do not do this!) I felt more stressed than when I began and my husband would hear me say ” I have so much to do”. Been there? I am glad I’m not alone.



This was a big wake up call. Now I come in from the school run and I focus on me. I make my tea, I listen to a mindset audio from the Clementine app (these range from 5 mins to 15 mins), I then sit, finish my tea and once this has gone I spent another 5 mins thinking about my intention for the day.

How do I want this day of mine, the precious hours I have to go? Once done, I begin my day and you know what I am already seeing results. I have ticked things of my to-do list that have been on there since last Summer. I structure my time and day better and always end feeling like I have achieved. Mindset shift – Mountains moved.

Not everything works for everyone, we are all so individual and you’ve got to try and find things that work for you. But the important lesson is to remember you are brilliant, you are doing a fab job and to be who you are for you. Always.


Maxine x

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