Trending Styles for Summer 2020!

by Janine

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Summer Style Trends – 2020

This year we’ve seen change like never before and when Spring and Summer 2020 trends were forecast early in 2019 nobody knew of what was to come!

You could even be forgiven for thinking we have skipped a season this year as the trends for spring 2020 shifted completely, centring around the need for oodles of loungewear and working from home ‘zoom style’ tops and no need to worry about what’s on the bottom half at all! This was a complete shift from the predicted trends with loungewear selling out instantly online!

We used to see new trends and styles change seasonally but in the past few years the High Street brands have rolled out more and more new styles and stock each week to entice us all to buy. Lockdown during Covid-19 times has certainly made a lot more people question the virtues of throwaway fast fashion though, focussing instead on a more realistic and wearable approach to their wardrobes.

People are slowly now making their way back to the High Street but the experience isn’t quite the same. Stock levels appear lower, the shops are less busy due to social distancing rules and people are of course wary. It’s still not quite the shopping experience we all know and love, but we do need to support the High Street as I for one definitely do not want to see it disappear altogether. Still, we cannot deny online shopping is going to be the favoured choice for many for a while yet.

So, as we come to the summer months and out of lockdown in the UK what are the trends?

Here’s a pick of my 5 top fashion trends for Summer 2020, which will also take you through to Spring-Summer 2021!


1. White dress

Nothing says Summer more than a white dress – keep it simple and stripped back with the trend for contemporary clean lines or go for it with a billowing floaty dress and bold puff sleeves. These can always be cinched in at the waist with a belt if you aren’t into the ‘buffet’ dress style!



2. Polka Dots

For me as a stylist polka dots are always a classic, but this year they are ‘back’ in force – you can find them everywhere in trousers, dresses, skirts and blouses – big dots, small dots, take your pick!



3. Shorts

Particularly Bermuda shorts (long shorts) are a key trend for 2020. They take some getting used to but wear with a great blouse, a co-ordinating oversized blazer, trainers or heels and you are good to go!


4. Trench Coats

For the occasional British summer, shower think classic styles to more oversized box cut coats with panelling in different colours. The trench is a wardrobe staple. Wear open or loose or cinch in with a belt. Great over denim!


5. Dungarees

This retro 1970’s wardrobe staple has made a big fashion comeback in 2020 and we love them! Wear them simply and stylishly with an understated simple vest top T, white oversized shirt or go bold with a dramatic puff sleeve blouse. It’s time to get creative!



Whatever your fashion choices this Summer from talking to clients comfort is key, especially for those of us carrying a few extra lockdown pounds! So choose wisely and before you buy another item for your wardrobe ask yourself the following – Do you really LOVE it? Do you have something similar? Can you style it three ways? Does it suit your lifestyle and style personality? And very wisely, can you see yourself wearing it in 2 years time? That’s a really good one because we all know #sustainability is key.

Until next time Mamatribe – stay safe this Summer!


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