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Danni McCabe is the founder of Mama Tribe, a community for Women in business, where you can discover small brands, business services, classes and events across the UK.

There are two business directories, a marketplace, blog and resources to help Women through Motherhood, in business and with their own wellbeing.

Mama Tribe membership helps Women in business to be more easily found, gain visibility and increase their brand awareness. Plus an opportunity for business owners to learn, gain support, network, collaborate and grow together.

Together we can empower and support each other


“By connecting Mothers across the UK, Mama Tribe is a community that supports one another and works together attracting amazing, strong women, hustling away, crafting a life they desire with passion and determination, whilst raising their own little tribe”
Danni, Founder of Mama Tribe.



Chief Cheerleader

Hi, I’m Danni. I live in the Cotswolds with my husband, two boys and four dogs!

Before kids, I worked and lived in London as a marketing and membership manager of a chain of health clubs. I managed a team of staff and thousands of members. Our gyms had a real community feel to them and i’ve very much bought my experience of that business into building Mama Tribe.

When I became pregnant with my first baby, we were living in the Cotswolds and I was commuting three hours each way between home and London for work. I knew that after maternity leave I wouldn’t be able to return to work, as working flexible hours remotely wasn’t an option, so I decided to set up my own business. I launched my bridal boutique when my son was 10 months old on the high street in the Cotswolds town where we live. The business grew quickly, I gained a good reputation, had clients from across the UK and as far reaching as Australia and USA. I loved it and business was going really well.

Then it burnt down. 

On a quiet afternoon between Christmas and New Year in 2013, I had a call to say there was a fire on the high street. I raced up to find fire engines outside my shop. The fire had started in the flat above my shop, it took them ten hours to put it out and in that time my shop and the building was ruined.

In just under three years i’d experienced the highs and lows of being my own boss! But it didn’t put me off trying again.

This time I knew I didn’t want to have a business that tied me to a location for set hours. I knew what my strong points were as a business owner and I knew how hard it is and how lonely it can be.

Whilst on maternity leave with my second baby I came up with the idea for Mama Tribe. I have met many Women, that like me have chosen to try and create their own business whilst on maternity leave, rather than returning to work. With Mum guilt and the family, work/life juggle, I understand what a lot of Mums are feeling, as they try to navigate their way through business and motherhood. So I decided to create an online platform that supports and promotes Women in business, and a membership community to bring them all together.

My 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, creating and running a business, means I am able to help Women in business navigate the highs and lows, by sharing my knowledge and experience. I work as a consultant for start ups, I know how to create a business from scratch, build a strong brand, grow a community and connect with a target audience.

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Chief of Content

Louise, is a Mum of two based in Scotland. She has been working with Danni since the early days of Mama Tribe, as a Scout and content creator. Louise gathers and schedules all of the blog features for Mama Tribe, manages the social media adverts and behind the scenes plays a huge part in creating fabulous content for all the Mama Tribe followers.


If you would like to share your Motherhood story, offer parenting advice or lifestyle hacks, then we would love you to write a blog piece for Mama Tribe.

Contact Louise by following the link below and filling out our blog submission form or drop her an email with any questions.



Our team of contributors write for us regularly about the highs and lows of real modern Motherhood, raising their Tribe, the work life juggle, business tips and lifestyle hacks!