6 Places to Adjust Your Brand Messaging As You Pivot Your

by Saskia

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As if running a business while juggling family life wasn’t hard enough, throw a global pandemic into the mix and us mum bosses have a whole other challenge to contend with! If you’ve been doing all you can to pivot your business and help it survive during this season, check these 6 places to adjust your brand messaging to match your new direction:


Social Media Bios

Your social media is the quickest, easiest place to adjust your brand messaging to match the current circumstances. Not only can you be more sensitive to your audiences’ current needs through your social media posts and stories, but you can easily adapt your social media bios to make it clear how you can help at this time. If your business offers a particular product or service that’s most relevant during this time, make sure you highlight this in your social media bio so new followers immediately know they’re in the right place.


Navigation / Menus

Leading on from your social media profile, don’t forget to check your Instagram menu links or website navigation. Can your followers find your most relevant services and products quickly through your menus? With strategic navigation, you don’t need to re-do the whole of your website copy to show your audience how you’ve pivoted – simply make sure the customer journey leads them straight to the most relevant pages of your site, rather than letting them fumble about on the homepage.


Web Homepage

If you do have the time and capacity to update your homepage – brilliant! The homepage of your website is effectively your ‘shop front’, so the more clear and compelling your brand messaging here, the better. Put a focus on making it clear not only WHAT you offer, but WHO your product/service is for. This helps people who hit your website know they’re in the right place, building a sense of trust and nudging them closer to buy!


About page

Is there something about you and your business story that will particularly resonate with your audience right now? If so, make sure it plays a part in your about page. Perhaps you’ve been particularly moved by the struggles of your customer during isolation and have compassionately adapted your business to meet their needs or perhaps you’ve experienced how one of your products can make lockdown life easier for others – make a connection with your readers by sharing the emotional aspect of your brand story.


Ad copy

Planning on running social media ads? Don’t forget to adjust your tone and appeal to your customers’; specific needs during this strange time. What problems do you solve right now? What relief can you offer them? Be specific. Show your audience you understand them intimately!


Blog posts

At a time where many of us are desperately scrolling social media to numb themselves from this current insanity, more people than ever are looking for positive reads and hopeful distractions to fill their time. Which makes blog posts a really useful way to connect with your audience and lead them to your offerings.

Think about what relevant issues you can help shed light on? What ideas can you provide to help your followers right now? And what other ways can you be of service while aligning with your new business direction?

You really don’t need to overhaul your whole brand to create an appealing pivot for your business, but a little bit of strategy is key!

Ready to tackle these elements of your business communications? If you’d rather hand over the task to a professional who can nail your brand voice and save you time, contact Mama Triber Saskia of Share The Joy Media now.


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