Harry & Rose

A personal Journey


Harry & Rose is my ‘baby project’ (I like to refer to it as my second baby). It is a project inspired by our personal baby loss experience… It is founded on a dream ‘to give’ and ‘to share’ with others… it is a dream of love.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve experienced a profound personal transformation. My priorities changed, and my entire focus and passion was centred on the love and care for my baby James Alexander.

Baby Loss

There are so many parents, like us, that have either experienced a baby loss or have a close friend that has gone through this… every person is unique, and we all deal with a loss in many different ways… In my case, I was in my early stages of pregnancy, but we already had plans: our baby had a name, our son James was going to be a big brother and we were making all sorts of arrangements for welcoming our new baby to the family…

Sadly, our second baby was not meant to be. Yes, we were heartbroken… but all I can remember during those sad moments, was how much I loved my baby James. For me, it was the perfect life-changing event to be both more mindful and grateful for the blessings I already had – to be grateful for our son.


When my husband and I started this project, launched in 2017, I was not expecting the profound personal transformation Harry & Rose would have on my life… Yes, starting your own business is life changing in itself: It has required arduous work, long hours, full commitment, financial struggle, guts, passion and endless love and dedication.

This is my personal journey of self-discovery, of giving meaning to my business and on sharing the purpose – the WHY – for Harry & Rose.

Little Miracles

I believe babies are little miracles full of innocence. I believe that if we shower the next generation of babies with love, care and attention we are bound to have a better world that loves, cares and is mindful of others and of its surroundings. I know the first years of a baby’s life are crucial to their emotional well-being and personal development…

“Helping create beautiful baby bonding experiences with quality, love and care”

My passion is to continue to offer a baby skincare solution that offers you a lovely baby bonding experience… Made in the UK using the best quality formulations for sensitive skin, we promise to deliver quality and care whilst enhancing your overall baby skincare routine.

Enjoy your baby’s skincare routine… I personally wish that you can experience that beautiful quality bonding connection… We hope you use a baby’s skincare routine as a time to show love, to care and to use the power of touch when looking after your baby

Harry & Rose is for you – a gift made with bundles of goodness.

Discover a luxury treat for your baby!

Harry & Rose baby skincare has been uniquely developed to bring a sense of well-being and preserve the natural balance of sensitive skin.

We believe that what we put on a baby’s skin should be lovingly formulated and of excellent quality. Our range is made in the UK with natural, pure and organic ingredients that include: Coconut, Calendula, Cottonseed, Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Sunflower.

FREE FROM: Parabens, Phthalates, SLS/SLES, Dyes, Mineral Oils, Fragrance Allergens. Always Baby Natural.

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