Alternative Baby Toys

By Haley – Fox Fairy Twins


If you follow us on our Foxfairy Twins Instagram page you’ll be familiar with the fun we have in finding alternative toys for our twins to use. As a mum-to-be or a new mum, you can easily get sucked into believing that your precious little baby will only be happy with an overpriced, loud, plastic Fisher Price gadget. This is absolutely not the case. You will be amazed at how fascinating everyday objects can be for little ones. Here is a list of our favourite alternative baby toys:

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Our Top 10 List of Favourite Alternative Baby Toys

Wooden utensils. Babies explore the world through their mouths so wooden utensils are a great toy for babies to play with, especially if they are teething.

Sitting in front of a washing machine. This humble household appliance saved me during those hazy newborn days. If I was desperate for 2 uninterrupted minutes to go to the loo / attempt to make a cup of coffee and drink it whilst it’s still hot / blink slowly enough to trick myself into getting a tinee tiny nap…then putting the babies in front of the washing machine was a fantastic entertainment centre. They would sit in their bouncer chairs and enjoy the white noise sound effect as the drum span around.

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Dog toys. Not the edible ones of course, but the plastic ones. They are brilliant for babies to chew on and only cost £1 from the Pound shop! You can also find dog toys that have different textures for babies to enjoy e.g. spikey, bobbly, toys with holes. The variations are endless.

A whisk. This is Francis’ favourite toy! He liked wrapping his little fingers around the whisk as it’s a new sensory experience.

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A duster. I am very guilty of regularly visiting the fabulous Tiger store. I admit, I do not need another flamingo candle or glitter pen, but I can’t help myself. On one particular occasion of ‘unnecessarily browsing’, I stumbled across the most fabulous duster. It was perfect as a baby toy! Textured, soft, easy to hold, I guarantee your baby will get more out of one of these than any plastic fantastic contraption.

A frozen bib. Wow, if you have experienced a heat wave with a baby, then you’ll understand the anxiety it brings. Are they overheating? How can I keep them cool? That’s when I started freezing baby bibs for our twins to play with. Not only did it keep them cool but it also kept them entertained too.

Ping pong balls. These little white balls are great for little hands as they’re

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light, inexpensive and the perfect size for little hands to pick up. Try them as an alternative baby bath toy!

Food. If your baby is over six months old, why not entertain them by letting them explore different food textures and tastes? I have loved the weaning stage with our babies as its like an activity without much effort or preparation. Check out our weaning guide here.

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A sensory bottle. Noticing our babies were a little restless, I took out on of our empty water bottles from the recycling, added random objects from my craft box and tadaaaa! We had a homemade sensory bottle for our little ones to enjoy. The possibilities of what you can add into these little bottles are endless…pasta, rice, glitter, tinsel, water, food colouring, oil, cous cous…do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear!

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Remote controller. Little fingers love nothing more than little buttons to press. Our babies love playing with our TV remote so much that we ended up getting one for the babies to have (of course you must make sure that batteries are removed before giving it to little ones).

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Do you have any other alternative baby toys that your little ones love to play with?


(n.b. always supervise babies when playing with objects and check that objects do not have any loose parts as it could be a choking hazard).