5 Ways to Attract More Parent Customers With Words

by Saskia

Share The Joy Media

Have you ever stopped to consider, the way you are using words online is having a dramatic impact on the shape of your business? Every time you press publish, every time you make a comment, every time you send out a newsletter or a sales receipt… Whether you’ve thought about it or not, the words you use online are sending out a message which either strengthens or detracts from the brand image you are striving to create. Eeek!

Now, before you panic, if you’re making sales, I’m sure you’re doing FINE. Hey, you could even be one of those natural sales writers who ‘gets it’ without even needing to think twice about strategy (Jealous. It’s taken me years of practice!). BUT if you’re struggling to confidently create content or website copy (or frankly FINE just isn’t good enough for you) it’s OK. There’s no need to step away from the keyboard, put down your smartphone and give up. Phew. When you know how to be intentional with words online, you can powerfully shape the way you’re perceived, attract your ideal customer buyers, build connection and make more sales. Woop!

Here are 5 ways to do this:


Get even clearer on who you’re selling to

You know you’re selling to parents… but do you really know who these parents are? We’re all different. We have different needs. Different desires. Different values that shape our purchasing habits. How are you communicating to the exact sort of parent you’re selling to? When you’re just starting out, it can be easy to presume you should keep things broad to increase the likelihood of someone buying. But, with the internet awash with competition, it’s not the best tactic. Don’t be afraid to alienate some parents while hooking in our ideal buyers. Your business will not be for everyone, and that is OK. You want to save time-wasting and do as much as you can to attract the sort of customers who are ready to buy from you with little persuasion!


Know your purpose

No matter how passionate you are about what you offer, you’re in business to make money (or you’d have kept it as a hobby). But if you want to stand out as a brand, you need to be thinking about your other purpose with everything you do. What do you want to be known for? What do you stand for? What difference do you want to make to parents and their children? How do you want to change the world (or even a small part of it) with what you offer?

When you know your purpose, you can infuse this message within your copy and use it to shape your social and blog content to be more attractive to those who resonate with your mission.


Define your tone

When you create and publish copy and content online, you’re shaping your brand voice. The voice people hear as they interact with you. This voice (or tone) should be consistent across your social media platforms, website and offline marketing materials in order to build trust and connection with potential customers. If you’ve never really thought about the tone your expressing, now’s the time. Are you consistent? Are you being authentic? Or are you too scared to show your personality? The more consistent and authentic you can be, the easier it’s going to be to attract your ideal customers.


Get strategic

How much attention are you giving to the objective of the copy and content you’re currently creating? Whether that’s with a social media post or a product description. If the answer is: you’re winging it to get the job done… It’s time to start thinking strategically. Get to know your customer’s journey from social media to homepage to checkout. What do they need to know? How can you make sure they know you ‘get them’? Think about where you can share your story, use persuasive language and (crucially) clear calls-to-action.

Having a brand messaging and copy-writing strategy doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It simply requires you to know your audience and create all your marketing to be clear, useful and directive. Build the know, like, trust factor, then tell them what to do next! Busy parents customers in particular want things to be simple. We don’t have time for confusion and doubt.


Be bold & playful

The thing I love most about the power of words is that by changing the wording of just a few things you can completely transform a business! You can take a brand from being perceived as ‘unoriginal’ to ‘unique’, ‘unconfident’ to ‘magnetic’ – and this is without changing anything about the products or services on sale!

If you really want your brand to stand out online, to attract your ideal customers who want to buy SOON, then be bold. Play with words. Use words to build a sense of exclusivity, of community, of importance, of originality! Don’t be afraid to be different. To communicate from the heart and to have fun. The world needs more of that.


Saskia x


Saskia Crawley, of Share The Joy Media, is a copywriter and brand strategist for kids/family brands. Head over to her website now to discover more copy-writing tips and find out about how you can work together to unlock the power of words and attract more parents to your business.



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