5 Reasons why Music and Movement Sessions can help Baby and Toddler Development


by Helen Simmons

Caterpillar Music




There are so many benefits of attending regular Music and Movement sessions with your baby or toddler. Here are our top 5; 

1) The familiar routine of a structured music session helps to build confidence as little ones become accustomed to what happens next. Before they know it they will be losing their inhibitions, joining in and maybe even experiencing some milestone moments, such as taking their first steps, saying their first words or acknowledging friends for the first time. 

2) Moving to music can help with spatial awareness, motor skills, balance, coordination and counting.

3) Nursery rhymes can help with speech and language acquisition. The rhythm, rhyme and patterns can really benefit future reading skills and help build themed vocabulary.

4) Music sessions may be the first social interaction outside of family, where valuable skills such as making friends, sharing, turn-taking, and listening skills are learnt. 

5) Music can be calming, inspiring, engaging and fun. Sessions taught at this age should encourage inquisitive minds to explore and instill a desire to continue with music when older.

Our sessions at Caterpillar Music also include a “show and tell” element, further preparing the way for the later Pre-school and Kindergarten stages of development.



Helen Simmons, owner of Caterpillar Music teaches fun, educational, multi-sensory music and movement sessions for babies and toddlers

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