What is PR & What are the benefits?

by Fiona

Boss Your PR

Advertising is you saying you’re good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good

PR can be an absolute game-changer for a business of any size. Covering all aspects of visibility, PR goes beyond ‘media coverage’ and can encompass speaking opportunities, collaborations, events, content creation and so much more.

PR is about you being seen and heard in the right places, by the right people.



The Benefits…

PR is one of the most effective methods of promotion for small businesses, with the potential to contribute hugely to brand growth and business success.


1. Audience Reach

PR can put your brand in front of tens, often hundreds, of thousands of people with just one magazine placement. If you feature on a high traffic website such as the Mail Online, and the number of people your product is seen by can easily run into 7 figures. Imagine how much you would have to channel into a marketing budget to put your brand in front of even a fraction of this audience reach.


2. Lead Generation, Traffic & Sales

 Of course, eyes on the coverage doesn’t automatically translate to money in your pocket. However, you can often expect to see surges in web traffic that can easily turn into sales. You could also expect to increase your social media following with some coverage.

Online press coverage may even link directly to your website, in which case you will benefit in SEO terms as well as seeing direct traffic arriving to your homepage.


3. A Personal Telling of Your Story

PR allows you to share your voice and tell your story; across your own platforms as well as across the media. Media stories allow for more space and time to communicate the offering that you are passionate about. By finding and telling your story, you can market your business but also create relationships with your target audience.


4. Brand Credibility

This is one of the most long-lasting benefits of PR. Think of it as building a credibility archive.

When consumers are new to a brand, they look for markers of familiarity and, while the financial benefit is hard to measure, there is a reassurance to consumers in seeing recognised and trusted media names as having ‘endorsed’ a brand with coverage.

Press coverage confirms your expertise and gives consumers the understanding that you are great at what you do! Not everyone can feature in The Telegraph or Stylist, so it’s easy to be impressed when we come across a brand who is!

Brand credibility extends beyond potential customers or clients and can influence:

  • potential collaborators
  • potential employees
  • investors
  • sponsors
  • stockists
  • endorsements
  • speaking opportunities


5. Cost-Effective

Put most simply, it’s FREE! In over a decade of PR work, a client has never paid a publication for coverage. While there can be associated costs, such as the delivery of samples to a magazine for shooting, there are no payments made to secure editorial coverage.


Fiona x

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