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In 2014 my husband gave me a date jar for Christmas, he’d filled 72 envelopes with date ideas (he got a bit carried away!) Every week we opened an envelope and made an effort to do what the card said, it was exciting; some ideas weren’t what I’d choose to do but we made it fun, and most importantly we made time for each other in our busy lives – something we all can forget to do!

Everyone I spoke to about it said ‘I wish I had time to do something like that’, I was on maternity leave, looking for a project, so A Year of Dates was born! 12 months on we’ve sold over 1,500 sets of date jars and boxes, launched new products and there is much more to come!

All our products are aimed at helping the couple/family/individual make memories and spend more time together – something we can all forget to do in this fast moving world.

A Year of Dates jar or box is made up of 52 coloured envelopes which each contain a date idea, 5 blank cards to add personal dates, and a dice to help with decision making! As new parents we realised how difficult it is to spend time with each other so we introduced a colour coded version to help parents plan babysitters, and lots of the ideas can be done at home, in your PJ’s if you like!

We have also launched 30 Things To Do When You Are Thirty and 40 Things To Do When You Are Forty; these branded boxes are filled with activities to help make the recipients birthday year even more memorable.

In time for the summer holidays we introduced A Year of Play which we developed with our friend Claire from playHOORAY! The activities on these cards are split between things to do at home or out and about and aimed at helping parents fill their weekends/school holidays with fun things to do. Older kids enjoy choosing the activities themselves and parents can seal away specific cards in the envelopes provided for a special treat, or a reward for good behavior.

As an alternative to a guest book we launched the Wedding Guest Box; with a choice of coloured envelopes to match most wedding schemes each box is filled with blank cards. After all the wedding planning it is important for the newlyweds to get back to dating each other, and who knows you better than you nearest and dearest wedding guests to suggest what you should do!

We’re still just a husband and wife team (with the help of friends and family!) working out of the spare room around our day jobs and a boisterous toddler; so we were made up to recently be nominated as a Product of the Year at the Not on the High Street Make Awards which was a huge achievement. We can’t wait to see where this adventure take us next!

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