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My name is Pauline. Mum, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Auntie. I have been in the print industry since leaving school when my parents were going on holiday and said I needed to find a job whilst they were away…

From my introduction to the printing world, I made the most of every opportunity to learn as much as I could. I progressed through numerous print companies, always larger than the previous, continuing to working hard and liaise with customers. This is where my knowledge and confidence thrived.

One weekend in 2016 I mentioned the idea of personalised wrapping paper to a good friend and he encouraged me to go for it – this is when ALLWRAPPEDUP was born. In February 2017, with help from another good friend, we designed wrapping papers, a website and engaged in social media.

Since then ALLWRAPPEDUP have expanded tenfold. We have gained numerous followers, incorporated many more designs, both personalised and unpersonalised as well as adding new product ranges including gift tags and much more.

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Pauline Peeling

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