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Be Planet Kind is an online, plastic free and cruelty free store which stocks sustainable and eco-friendly items for beauty, personal hygiene, skincare, cleaning, kids, bath time, and reusable items such as make up remover wipes, silicone straws, unpaper towels and bamboo cutlery. Many are also vegan. All of these items are kinder to you, nature and the planet by using better ingredients, and having less impact on the world around us. Take a look for natural deodorants, shampoo and conditioner bars, body scrubs, safety razors and toothpaste alternatives.

I want to encourage even more people to simply swap some of the products they are using for great eco-friendly alternatives. I want to make it easy for you to choose and succeed with these swaps and help gather momentum for a new normal, where packaging, impact and disposal of a product are considered, and convenience is not the top priority.

No single-use plastic, no animal testing and no harsh chemicals which wreak havoc on us and the natural world. Just guilt-free products you want to tell your friends about! Shop planet-kind and reduce your impact now.

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Rachel Gostling

Rachel Gostling

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