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Simple skincare, lovingly made by hand for baby and mumma, using 100% natural ingredients especially chosen for their beneficial properties to help protect, soothe and nourish skin

Ever read a product label and thought “eh?” Ever wondered why there’s such a long list of ingredients on skincare products and what they all do?

When pregnant with my first child I started looking around for all the skincare products you ‘need’ for a baby. It was overwhelming to say the least. All of them seemed to have a long list of ingredients. None of them were good enough. What did all those chemicals do anyway? Could my baby’s skin really cope with that many on it?

For years I have dabbled with mixing my own products for my own use from natural ingredients, but having my first child pushed me to do more research and create my own products to use on her, using simple formulations and using only natural ingredients – ingredients that are well-known for supporting skin health, providing nourishment and giving it a little help if needed.

We use only natural ingredients.

Every product is checked, assessed and approved by a Chartered Chemist.

We are fully insured and meet all EU and UK legislation.

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Becky Plant

Becky Plant

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Baby's Bits and Bum Balm Gift Set


Breastfeeding Mumma Mini Gift Set



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