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A Mama of one hustling away and living out her passion and dream.

Carefully sourced fabric, designed and printed in the UK. As a brand we are passionate about spreading love and kindness, we want to leave behind a legacy and a message that our children will be proud of. Hours of time, patience and careful consideration goes into each design and message that Harrbo produce.

We love all things simple, stylish and minimal and I now design all our graphics myself. My aim is to source fabrics as ethically and responsible as I possibly can, so you will start to see more and more organic fabric coming through. I want to create a business that my little boy is proud of when he is older and any support is greatly appreciated.

We are all in it together, parenting is so rewarding but it is also hard… very hard, so if I can make just one aspect of parenting easy for any mum or dad then I am a very satisfied person.

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