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Mumdrobe was born when I became a mum later on in life and I realised I no longer needed suits and heels in my life but comfy stylish tees and sweatshirts to team with jeans and a great pair of trainers so I could run around after my twins!

Positees came from my interest in sustainable and ethical fashion and need to know ‘who made my clothes’. That is why all the products I use must be organic, fairtrade and ethically manufactured as it is really important to me that the garments I use have been on the right journey; that means everyone who is part of the manufacturing process is works in a safe environment and receives a fair days pay for their work.

POSITEES BY MUMDROBE embroider and print tees, sweatshirts, masks, pouches and bags AND I embroider one-off denim jackets.

I like to use words and slogans that make the wearer feel empowered, confident, stylish and FUN. I love bold and bright colours, metallics and rainbows and I make sure I use them as much as possible.

If I’m using denim it must be recycled and being saved from landfill so the jacket becomes a sustainable fashion item. All my jackets are one-offs and you can be assured that you are wearing something unique. They are embroidered with images and song lyrics, these are either my own designs or I take commissions. Please contact me if you would like to know more about commissioning your own jacket.

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Sarah Stride

Sarah Stride

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Child of the decade sweatshirt

Lily - Bespoke up cycled denim jacket

Embroidered Camden Shoppers

Wedding sets hearts or stars - Embroidered facemark and pouch set

Boho - bespoke up cycled denim jacket

Be the DISCO or Be the PARTY sweatshirts

Triple hearts - Embroidered mask and pouch set

Seeing Stars - Embroidered facemask and pouch set

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