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There are points in all our lives when things are just a bit (or a lot) crap, or sometimes life just gets a bit scary & big. Having somebody reach out can make all the difference.

Have you ever sat in front of blank greetings card or a blinking curser and had no idea what to say?

Rhubarb & Pip hope to provide you with things that can help your fellow humans (or yourself!) in emotional distress, in small but meaningful ways.

We want to collect together in one place the best range of self-care products, cards, keepsakes & other treats that offer nourishment for the body & soul.

We will offer practical assistance by sharing stories of what helped other people through tough times; be it kind words, a bunch of flowers, a lovingly put together care package or just sitting silently together. We’ll also be suggesting thoughtful things to talk about when you’re stuck for words.

rhubarb & pip grew out of being part of the infertility & baby loss community on instagram. every day i see how (mostly) women going through some really tough times come together and raise each other up. some of them have started to use their wit, experience & creativity to make products that exclusively cater to their community. i began to realise that there was a need to pull together all of these amazing things, and to spread awareness to those not in the community of what people are going through every day and how they can help with small acts of kindness.

Over time we hope for rhubarb & pip to expand to include other ‘tough times’ in order to spread awareness of how to help those struggling with invisible pain.

A percentage of all of our annual profits will be given to ‘Dorothea’s footprints’ a charitable trust (registration pending) that awards grants to maternity bereavement units & neonatal care units to support bereaved parents & carers.

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Ruth Enderby-Morton

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Rosie Made a Thing - Bear Hug Card


'patience' soya wax & essential oil candle


'pineapple dreams' art print


Fertility Treatment Bravery Stickers


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