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Milestone cards for Small Biz Owners to celebrate the magic moments in business

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When you’re a small business owner every moment is a big one and they deserve to be record, celebrated and treasured. This is the mission with the Big Moment cards. I want to help every small biz owner celebrate how amazing they are doing whatever stage of business they’re at.

This business was created because I didn’t celebrate, I downplayed my first business and all the things that were happening in it and I realised after nearly 3 years down the line what a mistake that was. It wasn’t good for my mental health, my confidence and lots more. After also listening to and joining lots of conversations online I realised that there were hundreds of business owners just like me that let their achievements just pass them by – well no more.

The time to celebrate is now.

There are two packs of cards available for both product and service based businesses and there are 40 cards in a pack.

These cards don’t define when those moments happen, that’s up to you, all businesses are unique and different and all business owners are unique and different. You could be at any stage in your business journey and celebrate your “first” or have a new experience. I just want to make sure you celebrate when it happens.

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