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Stikets is the result of a mum’s idea, Stephanie Marko, to solve a lifelong problem: labelling the clothes and objects of our children so they don’t lose their things.

Her aim was to offer a practical, effective and economical solution to mark clothes, books, shoes, school supplies, backpacks and any other object to make life easier for families.

In addition to labels, Stikets works every day to introduce new products that always cater to the needs of families. Thus, you will also find identification bracelets and children’s wall decals.

Stikets iron-on labels, ID bracelets and personalised wall decals for kids have passed the definitive test: our children.

Stikets guarantees the maximum quality for all its products. We can ensure first-hand that the Iron-on Labels are washer and dryer proof and that the Name Stickers are dishwasher and microwave resistant.

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Stephanie Marko

Stephanie Marko

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