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The Ultimate Combination of Fun & Learning For Kids

The home of high-quality play-based educational learning cards sets that promote knowledge and deeper understanding of various concepts and subjects to help boost children’s IQ levels, build a robust visual memory and instil a natural enthusiasm for a life-long interest in learning in them. 

Intelligent multi-purpose educational play-based learning cards for children – babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-going, young people – we offer many varieties of play-and-learn cards to suit children of all ages, needs and abilities.

Research has consistently shown that from birth to age 5 sees the fastest rate of brain development, up to 80% by age 3 and up to 90%, i.e. nearly fully grown by age 5. 

At Teddo Play, we are very passionate about all things learning and education in a playful environment that gives children the time and space to absorb new information all while having a great time, making them naturally wanting to learn and grow.

Our learning sets have been supporting children in their cognitive development, strengthening their observational skills, encouraging conversations, making them better and confident communicators, helping make grasping and retaining of information easier in children and more broadly, contributing significantly to their overall intellectual development.

Each of our learning sets contains numerous super sturdy visual learning cards featuring clear and crisp real-life high-definition imagery in natural surroundings accompanied by easily absorbable pieces of information & facts to encourage open-ended play & conversations.

Entirely and proudly Made in the UK, from start to finish.

We’re also proud supporters of Room to Read® – For every Teddö Play Learning Set you purchase with us, another local language book is printed for a Room to Read library. Your purchases not only aid in empowering your own children but also help in supporting children’s education and gender equality programs in over 16 countries around the world.

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