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Here at The Organic Space, we’re selling a large variety of 100% organic products made by smart and passionate people, that run their small business in a very creative way with little resources, just using natural material that is grown in their back garden in the UK, or anywhere around the world.
After being in the childcare industry for over 15 years, I took on a new challenge in promoting a #healthylifestyle as I have a better understanding of how children develop and what they need to thrive in life to reach their full potential, but also protect our environment and loving our planet for everything it has to offer.

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We choose the products that we believe in and add them to our website and social media platforms. This is how we want to create a powerful story and build an emotional connection with people from all around the world.

The ORGANIC Space promotes not just products, but also promotes the right way to a sustainable world where we all can be more considerate and think twice when we want to buy something; the eco – friendly lifestyle makes us part of the solution in fighting environmental issues and we can make this possible by using natural made products, it’s our responsibility to leave the planet safe and healthy for our children and future generation.
Our posts should capture people’s hearts and by telling our story we hope to influence their minds towards a better future.

We work very closely with all our suppliers to always finds innovative ways in how to recycle the recipients of their product and reduce global waste as much as possible by keeping competitive prices.

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Diana Irinei

Diana Irinei

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Stainless Steel Sandwich Box

Food Wrap - Small Kitchen Pack

EcoCoconut Twin Pack Scourers

Facial Essential Collection

Organic Cotton Day Pads - 10 in the box

Botanical Hand Sanitiser

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