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We make nourishing baking mixes for breastfeeding Mamas, because you deserve a treat. Our mixes not only taste great, but are packed with oats, brewers yeast and flax seed, which are ingredients known to naturally support milk supply, called ‘Galactagogues’. We take pride in selecting our ingredients to ensure you can create your own freshly baked, tasty lactation bakes just adding a couple of fresh ingredients.

Enjoy yourself, send to a mama friend, or take as a gift to a baby shower, we also sell a selection of other products to create a beautiful gift and help you with breastfeeding, as well as links to valuable resources.

Let’s face it, breastfeeding is hungry work (on top of being a mum), especially in the early days. You deserve a tasty treat but are conscious that our food should be nourishing as well. We want mums to feel well nourished and confident about their milk supply and enjoy a tasty wholesome treat, giving them a ‘pick me up’ and improving their breastfeeding journey with their baby.

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Georgie Irwin

Georgie Irwin

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Chocolate Chip Breastfeeding Cookie Mix


Raspberry & White Chocolate Breastfeeding Cookie Mix


Chocolate, Date & Almond Breastfeeding Brownie Mix


HotTea Mama 'Milk's Up' Breastfeeding tea


Breastfeeding & Teething Necklace



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