5 Steps to Building the Parent-Attracting Online Brand You Really Dream Of

by Saskia

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Building a business is not for the faint-hearted

Whether you’ve launched (or are soon to launch!) on a shoe-string or you’ve invested thousands in getting started out – it takes courage, time, tears, dedication, late nights, love and did I say courage?!

As if motherhood wasn’t challenging enough, adding a business to the mix requires commendable strength and determination. It’s no surprise then, that when many of us start our businesses, we’re winging it on broken sleep, enthusiasm and the promise to ourselves to get it done! But what happens when you’re ready to take things to the next level? When you’re ready to upgrade and shift your DIY business to become the brand, you really dream of. Here are my 5 steps to re-focusing and up levelling:



Redefine your vision

Remember when you first thought up your business idea, and your kids had to shout through your daydreaming to get your attention. When you were dreaming about what life could really look like and what your glossy business would look and feel like too? Now’s the time to redefine your vision. Get clear on what you want to achieve, in detail. Think about what you want your brand to stand for, what success looks like, what you want everyday life to be like. Dream big, play imaginary – don’t limit yourself by what you’ve achieved so far. Allow yourself to remember what you really, really want (a zig-a-zig-ahh).


Get clear on your ideal parent customer

If you want to experience the success of your dreams, you need customers. You need customers who are ready and eager to buy from you! Customers who want to buy from you again and again or share you with their friends. Think about what it is you offer and get crystal clear on who your ideal parent customer is. Which problems can you solve? Who needs to hear your story and uncover your solutions? It’s only with your ideal parent customer-defined that you can get specific with your marketing and communications and start standing out in front of the right audience.




With the groundwork done, it’s time to align. Creating a brand you can be proud of, and moving from side income/hobby to a fully profitable business which makes the impact you really long for, means making sure everything is aligned with the vision you’ve created and the people you desire to serve. To align, you need a strategy. A plan of how you are going to show up with your visuals, your wording and your customer service. Now is the time to stop winging it and bring it all together.


Get good at invitations

Forget feeling uncomfortable with sales (yes, I’ve been there too, that discomfort in sharing what you do). Re-frame and realise that sales are about inviting people into something you know your ideal parent customer wants or needs. There’s no shame required in sharing what you have for sale and offering the invitation. It’s up to your potential customers to make a choice. Your job is to inform, encourage and inspire them through your marketing rather than ‘tout your wares’. To invite people to read, to listen, to look closer…Let go and trust they can make informed decisions for themselves. Pressure off.

When you make sure everything you do is centred around your customers’ longings and assist in fulfilling them, engagement will naturally increase.



Take risks

Finally, don’t be afraid to take risks. If you want to stand out and create a brand to be proud of – a brand people come to know, respect, love and rave about – risks are crucial. Whether it’s taking a chance on investing in the right business professionals – from Virtual Assistants to Copywriters (wink wink) – or taking a risk by breaking free from what your competitors are doing and doing things entirely differently. Don’t keep playing it safe, be true to your big vision. Believe in yourself and go for it. It’s what you’d want your children to do after all.


Saskia x


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