Business Mindset: Be Guided By What You Love

by Alison

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Business Mindset: Be Guided By What You Love

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray” (Rumi)

For many mamas running their own business, being drawn to what we love has – at least once – come naturally. It’s definitely not the easy option to become a self-employed working mum, but if we do it in a way that means we get to work with passion and with purpose, it’s a damn sight easier than the alternative world of ‘grey’ (as a client of mine used to call her corporate, employed existence). For many of us being drawn to what we love has catapulted us into business and we’re working on exactly that (hopefully).

But how can we make sure we continue to honour that ‘draw to what we love’ in amongst competing demands for business growth, family needs and our own restoration time? As my business has grown and morphed over the years, it has often been a struggle to remain focussed on what I’m drawn to (what’s soul-led, if you like), as opposed to going with the new trend or issue or way of working (bright shiny new object anyone?). I’ve learned the hard way – through some really unsuccessful and expensive mistakes. The common theme between all of these experiences was that I was swerving away from what I truly loved and felt drawn to – usually in order to fulfil a desire or wish that belonged to, or was recommended by, someone else – and therefore it wasn’t truly authentic to me.

Staying true to what you love is the soundest piece of advice for any working mama. Especially if you’re building or growing your own business. So how do you make sure that happens? In this blog, I’ll unpack my top 5 tips for staying true to yourself.



1. Name what you love

Firstly, get down and dirty with what it is that you DO love and feel drawn to – give yourself full permission to explore exactly what you want for yourself and your business. When doing this, be FEELINGS led, and make sure you write it down to begin to firmly embed this truth in your subconscious thinking. Maybe you want to feel Excited? Passionate? Engaged? Helpful? Enabling? Free? Empowered? Supportive? Creative? Connected? Fulfilled….?

Next, when you have this list of ALL the things you want to feel in business, distil it down to the top 5 feelings you most want to experience. Now you’ve got a love-based and honest version of what you’re aiming for in everything you do.


2. See what you love

Keep your top 5 feelings for your business loud and proud in your line of sight on a daily basis. This may be on your desk/notice board/phone and laptop screensaver, maybe as a voice memo to playback to yourself each day. Set a daily intention to only say yes to work or projects that invoke at least one of these feelings and you’ll unlikely to go astray.


3. Live and breathe what you love

Honouring the things you most want to feel in your business can take many forms. When I did this exercise, one of my feelings-based words was ‘balanced’. Therefore, if overall I’m creating something that feels out of balance in terms of how I work, I’m guided to think again and examine just how I can bring it in line with feeling ‘balanced’. This might mean an adjusted timescale, a different price point, sometimes a complete rethink and obviously many other scenarios in between.

So when you have your list, it’s in places where you can check in with it daily and then you take aligned action to create those feelings, you are going to be honouring and living a worked experience that you absolutely enjoy and feel fulfilled in.


4. Morph with what you love

Over time, what you’re drawn to and what you love is likely to change. We are born to evolve rather than stagnate, to grow rather than become stunted. So, every so often (in a timeframe that suits you) review your list of feelings and be prepared to evolve and shift with it. This may translate to dropping a product line because it no longer gives you butterflies when you think about it arriving with a client, or changing the process for creating something because you’re keen to simplify or diversify, or perhaps it may take the form of altering the service you offer to include something exciting and new that you feel utterly passionate about.


5. Celebrate what you love

Spend time reflecting celebrating the joy with which you run your business and the immensely pleasurable feelings it creates within you every day. Shout about it, share the wins, spend the profits on celebrating you and your hard work. When we rise and celebrate ourselves and our success, others around us are inspired and rise too.


How is this related to Business Mindset??

Why do we do all these feelings based stuff? Why aren’t I talking about strategy and automation and profit margins and ‘technical’ information? Well mainly because if we aren’t focused on what we want, our mindset suffers. We can become distracted with what we don’t want. Our thoughts and our reality may become entwined with what isn’t yet happening or manifesting, and then we’re in danger of diluting or compromising on what we’re really seeking and why we did this in the first place.

When this happens, we can find ourselves in a negative cycle of feeling like running our own business is ‘too hard’, that it feels disappointing or not what we expected and at worst that it’s ‘just not worth it’. Next may come feelings of failure, guilt and further perpetuation of lack or scarcity. All of which attracts the same back. Consider how you feel even reading this paragraph compared to the steps described above. It’s likely your energy has dropped, there may be a feeling of defeat or apprehension, and this isn’t what creates amazing products, or essential services for our clients.

It’s best if you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did, but if that does happen also know this: failure is still a great experience to help you cement what you DO want. The detours I ended up taking only solidified and help me restore my boundaries around what I wanted and crucially, how I wouldn’t achieve it – so it was back to the drawing board!

It’s always possible to learn something from the things that don’t go right. As Henry Ford said, “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” So if this way of working and thinking of mindset is new to you, why not try it? Either way, it’s a win.


Alison x



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