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Celebrating Women in Business

Event Review

By Danni

Founder of Mama Tribe

Together we are ONE!

On Thursday 8th March we celebrated International Women’s Day and the first anniversary of Mama Tribe.

Over the last twelve months I have met so many inspiring, talented Women and so I wanted to create an event where members and followers of the Tribe could come together to celebrate Women in business.

The event

When searching for venues I came across the Hunter Collective in Farringdon, London. I know the area like the back of my hand because I lived and worked in the area for over 10 years. So it was really nice to come back to my old stomping ground for the Mama Tribe first anniversary event.

The Hunter Collective is a membership based community of freelance beauty and fashion professionals. Set up by Lacey Hunter Felton and Nico Bonfiglioli, together they have created a flexible, co-working salon and event space.

Lacey and Danni

After leaving a career in a West End salon to go freelance and start a family, Lacey soon realised that there was a lack of options for professionals looking for a work-life balance in the fashion and beauty industry. Hunter Collective was created and opened its doors in July 2017 and is a perfect example of Woman in business finding a flexible way to manage her career and family.

Lacey, Co-Founder of Hunter Collective

I was really excited to view the space and when I found out about their ethos and intention, it really felt like the perfect venue. Lacey and her team were so helpful leading up to, and on the night of the event.

For the event I wanted to bring together a panel of Women that had a varied career history and had all created their own businesses.

The Panel

Kerri, Founder of Coco & Indie

Kerri is the inspirational Mama behind Coco & Indie. Whilst on maternity leave she taught herself how to sew and make dummy clips, which turned out to be the starting point of her business. She has since gone on to rebrand and expand her collection as her passion and skills grew.

Coco & Indie is now a well known, successful brand selling a range of cute, trendy and comfy, leggings, tees and dresses made from fabrics that Kerri personally chooses for their fun, individual and urban style.

Cori, Founder of Cori Javid

Cori Javid is a success coach and mentor for mothers in business. Cori helps mums take back control of their work/life balance and earnings by building Flexible, Fulfilling & Profitable online businesses from home.

Prior to setting up her own business, Cori worked for 10 years in a large investment bank coaching high performing individuals for success in a range of areas including gaining promotions; time management; presentation skills and sales confidence. As well as mentoring women returning to work after maternity leave, helping them to increase their confidence in their skills and expertise.

Maxine, Founder of Digital Bon Bons

Digital Bon Bons launched in 2016 with a key focus in mind – helping parent business owners achieve their digital goals. Providing a variety of online services from website design & build, to social media strategy, email marketing and more. Maxine the founder of Digital Bon Bons helps business in the family sector reach their parent audience turning browsers into buyers, through maximising digital marketing efforts.

Having spent over 8 years immersed in corporate digital marketing, Maxine started Digital Bon Bons as a part time project, that she fitted around her full time job, but the quick growth of her business has allowed her to make it her full time business that fits flexibly around her family life.

Jaz, Founder of 1411 State of Mind

After 11 years in fashion buying & merchandising, and after having her second child, Jaz finally felt ready to combine her passion and experience by designing her own fashion collection. With a purpose close to her heart, encouraging YOU to focus on YOU, Jaz launched 1411 ?STATE OF MIND. Her ethos is about promoting self-love, self-empowerment and she has created a collection of empowering merchandise that evokes good energy, emits love, promotes positive vibrations but with style and a little nod of nonchalant attitude!

‘Let’s not misconstrue self-love for selfishness……. I truly believe that if we are all working on bettering relationships with ourselves, we are collectively bettering our community.’ Jaz, founder of 1411 State of Mind.

Each lady had a story to tell about what led them from pre-kid full time employment, to making a career change and creating their own business after maternity leave. We discussed a range of topics and it was so interesting to hear their experiences and advice.

The guests were encouraged to ask questions or share their experiences, making it less of a panel talk and more of an opportunity for Women in business to support and encourage one another.

After the sit down talk, everyone had a chance to network and mingle. It was great to hear of collaborations or opportunities to work with each other being discussed.

Goodie Bags



Its great to collaborate with other businesses and a goody bag is a fab way to introduce people to new brands. FrazzleFlorrie are part of the Tribe and together we created the awesome goody bags, that had the new MT logo on them. Inside we had treats or discount codes from;

1411 State of MindJust Flapjack, Biccies & Bakes, The Fudgedit Kitchen, ISABELLA&US, A Year of Dates, Mamacan Hypnobirthing, Hello Pickle, HexNex Jewellery, Little Bub.


I loved how each Woman had a unique story to share​, but what connected them all was their drive and ambition to find a better solution and a career that was fulfilling, but fitted around their family life and gave them the flexibility they required.

We all agreed finding the balance isn’t easy. That having your own business whilst juggling all that Motherhood entails is tough, but we are all able to support one another as a community and together celebrate what we have achieved.

Thank you to everyone that was involved in the event or attended, it was a fabulous evening.

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Images by Pooks and Gooks Photography

Tribe: A group of distinct people that form a community,
linked by a common dialect, that share similar values and are largely self-sufficient.