Christmas Calm

by Jessica Warne





As joyous as it may be, can bring a whole new level of stress and anxiety that we don’t see throughout the rest of the year.

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, we are indoctrinated into believing that we have to be on the endless lookout for festive joy, with a permanent smile fixed onto our tired faces. As mothers, we are constantly trying to make the most magical of memories for our children; planning activities, buying gifts and hosting friends and extended family. But our frantic state is counterproductive, our festive joy becomes a festive frazzle. Yes, our children might have the picture-perfect Christmas, but alongside that usually comes a tired and stressed-out mother.



It’s so vital for us to have tools in our back pocket, to help us reduce our frenzy and help instil calm. We deserve to enjoy Christmas too! It is also however very difficult to practice regular relaxation techniques when you have children at your feet, turkeys to stuff and in-laws to entertain!

One of the relaxation activities that I teach those that I work with is perfect for an on the go mum, you can even involve your young children! It allows children to believe what they are doing is a game for them when actually mothers are reaping the benefits also.

So what is this magical method of calm?

Bubble blowing!



There’s no big secret as to​ ​why blowing bubbles relax you​

Most relaxation techniques focus on breathing exercises because slower and deeper breathing is proven to have a calming effect. So why don’t you try keeping a little pot of bubbles handy with you this Christmas period?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or need to take a moment just to breathe, grab your pot of bubbles and take a moment to blow some bubbles. To really benefit see how big a bubble you can blow – this requires that you exhale slowly and carefully, which is more relaxing than blowing fast. If your child is old enough why not even have a contest to see who can blow the biggest bubble?

I would love to see your bubbles this Christmas! Tag @mamatribeuk and @jessicawarne, which of you can blow the biggest bubble next to your Christmas tree?


Jessica x



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