An Open Letter To My Daughter


Kate Lindon

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My dearest darling girl

Growing up in this world is not always going to be easy but there is absolutely nothing that you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it. Believe in yourself. Growing up in a household with a working single mum and having a dad with a brain tumour has meant that you’ve grown up tough and determined, but don’t let it harden you. Keep your fierce heart but don’t forget to nurture your gentle soul.

Make mistakes.

Lots of them. Work out what each mistake is trying to teach you and listen. I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes and I’ve learnt from every single one. Well…sort of. Nobody is perfect and gets things right every time, not even the grownups in your life. We’re all still learning and you will too.

Fall in love.

A lot. Love honestly and fiercely. Don’t be afraid to. You will have your heart broken and feel like nothing will ever be the same again. But it will. Keep your heart open. You’ll pick yourself up every time and emerge stronger and learn more about yourself with every heartbreak.

The most important love you will ever have is the love for yourself.

Value yourself. Think about who you are and who you want to be. Embrace the beautiful and not so beautiful bits of yourself. We all have flaws and quirks. Be proud of them. People who really love you will love all of you, good and bad. Don’t feel like you have to hide the not so good bits to be liked.

Your worth is not based on what you look like or what you weigh.

You have been blessed with being beautiful but this is not what defines you. Appreciate your body for how amazing it is and never let anyone tell you how it should or shouldn’t look. Real beauty comes from within.

Being the most popular girl isn’t always where it’s at.

Find your tribe and look after them, whoever they are. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by the most incredible group of women who have helped me through the worst of times and celebrated with me through the best. I would not be who I am without them.

Travel. Have adventures.

Have times that make good stories. Meet people. See things from different perspectives and learn from people with different experiences from yours. There is so much to see.

Appreciate what you have.

There will always be people with more than you and people with less, but things are not always as what they seem. You might not always get exactly what you want at the time that you want it, but trust that the universe will bring you exactly what you need when it’s meant to be yours. It might not make sense at the time but trust me on this. Try to find the beauty in small things, the important things and you’ll always be happy.

Above everything be kind.

To yourself and to those around you. The world needs more kind and thoughtful people. You have no idea of the huge impact that the smallest act of kindness can have on someone else. Help where you can.

You have so much to offer to this world and I will be support you in whatever path you choose. But make sure that whatever you choose do, you do it wholeheartedly. Whether you choose to work in a corner shop, become an artist or doctor, or even be prime minister. Half arsed never created anything amazing.

The one last thing to remember is that you are and always have been so loved. I hope that you’ll grown up to believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.


Kate x

kate lindon motherhood blog team malvern

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