My Daughters First Year Of School

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Penny started school in September 2016.

My mum was adamant I would be a blubbering mess on her first day, much like she was with me. Apparently, she cried more than me on my first day at school.


Fast forward, and Penny’s first day was a breeze.

We were allowed to take them into the classroom and stay with them for an extra 5 minutes should any kids need a bit more support before being left alone. Penny ran off to play and never looked back. It was honestly the best way it could have happened. Not a single tear was shed from either of us, I was so proud she was taking it all in her stride. All the parents had a little care package from the teachers which included a tissue and a tea bag, telling us to go home, sit with a cuppa, and have that cry. Was a lovely touch.


School Pick Up.

Penny came out at home time so excited to tell me what she had been doing, what she had eaten for lunch was top of the list! She was also lucky to know a few kids in her class, so it was a much easier transition from nursery to school for her. Even though Penny is the shyer, more reserved sister, I was amazed at how well she handled this massive shift.


I had a few worries before she started…

Will she be able to keep up with the work? Will she be sitting alone at lunch? Will she suddenly decide she doesn’t like school, and I’d have a fight on my hands every morning? Phoebe starts school this September, and I know this hot-headed little madam will take it all in her stride. And I know Ill be far more relaxed about it.


And this September…

Having both kids in school will not only make the school run easier (currently we walk Phoebe to nursery before school 3 times a week, a 30 minute round trip) but it will mean I will be available to work 5 days a week instead of my current 3. I am not sad or weepy that my kids are growing up and are of school age, I am looking at it as a new chapter of our lives, when I can walk both girls to school together, we can all sit around the table after dinner and do homework and reading, and I will be able to focus on my business more.And


I’ve been reluctant to branch out so far, but I’ll have more time come September to really make a go of the business.


So I am looking at this whole experience as one big positive.

Yes, we may be a bit weepy on their first day, but the kids won’t be! Kids are so resilient, they adjust to situations far quicker than adults (or at least they do in my experience) Plus their excited faces at the end of their first day are so worth it!

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Dee x

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