5 Differences Between the First and Second Pregnancy

by Cara

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Differences between being pregnancies

I have recently announced that we are expecting our second child, due in May 2020 and I’ve already started to notice a few differences between being pregnant the first time and being pregnant the second.

Here’s a few things I have noticed are different second time around:


Baby Apps

This level of knowledge with this baby is completely different from the piles of books, several apps and dozens of websites I visited with my daughter. Without fail every week I would read out all the new developments to my husband and get excited about being one more week pregnant.

With baby two I give my app a quick glance every week to see what fruit the baby is but I have no idea what new thing the baby is up to this week, let alone spending leisurely mornings reading aloud every tiny detail of a weeks growth.



Every week without fail I’d take a picture of my growing bump and I would check each week to see how much I had grown. Once I’d taken the last photo at week 39 I put them all in a collage so I could see the growth over time and have that lovely memory.

I have taken one photo of my bump so far and just don’t have the time to perfectly curate a collage of them all. I do feel a bit guilty about this but I might get around to documenting the bump at some point. Maybe I’ll take another photo at 40 weeks…


Bought New Clothes/Baby Things

Almost the second I found out I was pregnant I was online shopping, drafting up list after list of everything I needed for the new baby. Within the first months, I went mad and soon the nursery was filled with everything my daughter could ever want or need.

I haven’t bought a single new thing for baby two yet. Even its cot is secondhand, not brand new! Which I feel may be a trend in its life, always in the hand me downs. It’s a combination of having no money, no time and no space! I would like the new baby to have it’s own coming home outfit though so I might be tempted to do a little bit of shopping.


Felt Pregnant

Before I even took the test in my first pregnancy I knew I was pregnant, every single symptom pointed to it. It was impossible to ever forget or ignore.

So I know that the reason for this difference is most likely because I’ve been so lucky and not had any pregnancy symptoms but there have definitely been moments when I’ve forgotten that I’m pregnant this time around. Looking after my eighteen-month daughter does take the majority of time so I like to cut myself some slack but I do feel a little guilty for the amount of time I spend thinking about baby 2.


Avoided ‘Pregnant’ Foods

I was regimented in this with my first pregnancy. I’d Google foods to make sure I could eat them and no soft cheese, cured meats, pate, runny eggs or sushi crossed my lips for an entire 9 months.

As I happily tucked into a pile of home-cured Biltong the other day I was a good way through it before I remembered I wasn’t really meant to be eating it. Although I’ve stayed clear of patĂȘ I’ve definitely had the odd slightly runny fried egg too! I think this falls back into the ‘forgetting I’m pregnant’ category



Of course, it’s not all heartlessness and forgetfulness! I’m showing a lot earlier this time around so I’m able to pat my bump and have a chat. I also felt the baby move much earlier so it’s a lovely way to feel connected. Plus, as I mentioned, I have no sickness and no aversions so they’ve already got one up on my daughter who made me go off everything and gave me constant nausea for 11 weeks. They say that every child is different and it seems that even starts in pregnancy!


Cara x