This week we welcome back Maxine Kerley, owner of Digital Bon Bons, a digital marketing agency focused on businesses in the family sector. Maxine can help you with anything from website design and build, social media, email marketing or even forming that overall digital marketing strategy for your business. Helping you navigate the crazy world of digital marketing and reaching your target audience. 

DIGITAL – Back To School

Hey Mamas,

I really hope as I’m typing this that you have all survived the Summer Holidays – yes/no? I have a little one who’s 3, so we are yet to experience the “Summer Holidays” but having seen so many of you all prepare I feel like when the time comes I’ve got people to turn to.

With the approach of the new school year upon us I thought what a perfect time to go back to school…Digital School.

I know from speaking to many of my clients that the Summer Holidays leaves them in a bit of a haze and their business particularly their online marketing goes firmly on the back burner. Then when school starts they’re having to pick up where they left off, through the fog and some often feel like they’re starting from scratch again. I’ve got a couple of tips below to help you get right back to it.

Social Media has gone adrift

It’s likely that over the holidays your social media platforms have taken the biggest hit and that’s because they generally take the biggest amount of time out of your day or week. The forward planning, the analytics etc has all gone and you’re worried about the engagement while you’ve been away, but don’t worry it can all come back.

Once that school bell rings head back to the office or home – wherever you work for your business and grab a notebook. I want you to start listing down all the things you know are coming up in your business, perhaps new products, a sale or even a promotion on an existing product that you want to push.

Then I want you to have a look online at a national holiday calendar, UK & US is good, especially if you have customers in both countries and see what is coming up – Halloween, Guy Fawkes etc and add them to your list.

Now sit back and have a look – that list has just kick started your content to bring your social media back to life – hooray! If you use a social media management system to plan and schedule your content you can now take this list one step further and plan your posts for your various platforms. Remember, each platform likes to be treated differently so really think about what content would work for each one you are using.

I’ve lost the bigger picture

Sometimes when we have had time away from our business is can make us forget about the bigger picture and some of the larger things we had planned – as well as all the million little ones on the to-do list. If things were left half-way through before the holidays it can feel hard to pick up where you left them, but don’t worry.

This is where having a strategy and plan will really save you and if you haven’t done one yet don’t worry, you can start one at any time.

For the strategy you want to be thinking about your goals, what do you want to achieve and by when, who’s involved in helping you do this. Remember to list them by all the digital marketing you do so include your website, social and email marketing as well. Some like to separate their content marketing (like blogs for example) into a different plan – that is perfectly fine and it’s whatever works for you.

Then looking at your goals think about how you’re going to achieve them – this becomes your plan. I am a fan of using a plan like a calendar and having a six month view of what is coming up so I feel prepared.

Having these two things in place means when you have been away everything you need is there to bring you right back up to speed and in the driving seat – phew!

Don’t worry about falling into a digital slump, it happens to all of us. Create a manageable to-do list for yourself, take things step by step and start or refer to your plans. You’ll be back to butt-kicking business amazingness in no time.

Maxine x