My Holiday Intentions

By Gracey


Gracey’s off on Holiday today! Yipeeee!

The four of us are are headed to Albufeira in Portugal for a week of family fun and a well deserved wind-down. We are booked in at a lovely hotel that we haven’t stayed at before but we did attend a family wedding there 4 years ago. There’s a spa, a private beach and a kids club and it’s within walking distance of Old Town Albufeira. I can’t wait. We haven’t been abroad as a family of 4. The last time we were here Daisy was 1 and Nancy was just a bump.


About me

I’m a mum of girls, a 3 year old and a 4 year old, who are always on the go (They get it from their Mama). I work from home as Features Editor for Mama Tribe and Danni’s sidekick, I’m a huge advocate of Mama Tribe, the community and the support it offers women in business is, invaluable. Danni always encourages me when I have new marketing ideas and she has taught me so much since I started over a year ago. I really do love my job here.

One day a week I work for a creative agency based in Cheltenham and freelance from home for them too, I manage quite a few social media accounts and write copy. I also really enjoy this role too, it involves researching a broad range of subjects like Recruitment, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Geotechnical Engineering and Big Data, quite geeky but I love it!

So I spend a lot, of time in front of a screen, tapping away on the keyboard. Often late into the evenings because I don’t like to work when the girls are home. I’m dire need of a digital detox!


A Rocky Patch

Some of you already know, the beginning of this year was tough for me, my mum was going through some very intense cancer treatment, which I didn’t cope well with and there have been other problems going on at home. But I’m very grateful that I’ve got some super supportive friends on and off the grid, that have been by my side throughout

My main intention here, is that I intend to REALLY relax over the next week, I’ve overloaded myself since the beginning of the year and I need to take some time out for some much needed ‘self preservation’. In the past I’ve never knowingly suffered from mental health issues but I know when I can hear the beginnings of those alarm bells sounding in my head.


“You’re only human. You don’t have to have it together every minute of the day.” – Anne Hathaway


I have recently started going to counselling sessions, which are helping but they are mentally exhausting. Also I’ve been training for a 10k run and when this goes blog post live I should have completed it!!

Oh AND I don’t sleep well.

So basically I’m knackered.


…And this is my plan.

  1. Delete ALL of my social apps. (eek!)
  2. Only use my phone to take photographs.
  3. Read more.
  4. Sleep more.
  5. Practice some mindfulness (dunno how, I’ll google that before I go)
  6. Live in the moment.
  7. Make some hella good memories.


I’ve got a great selection of books to read poolside. A few have been recommended to me by a good friend and others I’ve noted from my insta-peeps.

Gracey Books

You won’t catch me on stories, I won’t be answering emails, or sharing any of my photos and if you see me getting digitally social- tell me to sling it!!!!!

Have you ever had a digital detox? I’d love to hear how you get on. Maxine has some tips here.

Gracey x


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