Digital Productivity for Half Term

by Maxine

Digital Bonbons


Hey Mamas,

It’s looming, another school holiday is upon us – how does this happen? Where does the time go? Weren’t they just on holiday?

These are the thoughts that run through my head every time I hear about another school holiday. Ava, my daughter, only started school in September so this is our first year of dealing with all these extra times off they have – juggling more than usual and trying to find extra childcare.

As a business owner school holidays are both lovely and stressful. Lovely because we have time with the kids and being our own boss enables us to have more flexibility to be with them, but also stress because it means that business might need to take a back seat while we have this precious family time. So how can you keep your marketing going when you need to take some time off?


1) Plan Ahead

I talk about planning a lot but that’s because I know how beneficial it can be. Planning can help remove loads of stress and also preempt any stress that might be heading your way. We all have different ways of planning so use the way that is best for you. Think about what marketing activities will need to happen while you are on Half Term. Make a list and then break down the actions involved to make them happen.


2) Scheduling will become your best friend

Once you have your plan you can then put things into action and getting stuff scheduled and automated will become your new best friend.

Think about what Social Media content you want to share and get it scheduled in using a management tool like Later for Instagram or directly into Facebook for your page.

If you’re sending a newsletter to your list or want to promote a special Half Term offer spend an hour getting your email created and scheduled so that it just whizzes to inboxes on the day you want it to.


3) Alert your customers

Plan in advance for being out of action over Half Term by letting your customers know. You could send them an email or pop a banner up on your website letting them know that while orders can still be taken, delivery will be on x date when you return. This way they are kept in the loop of what’s going on from you and you’re managing their expectations from the off.


4) Switching Off is possible

You need some down time. I know its hard when you are you’re own boss but it’s so important. If we don’t take a break and re-charge then we will keep running until empty or worse…break down. I know it feels like you’ve always got to be “on”, always on social media posting and commenting, but you can step back.

If you’ve built and curated a authentic following they will be there for you when you return. Just pop a post up and let people know you’re out for Half Term and enjoying some family time. That way everyone knows and you can step back with no worries. If you’re followers just leave after seeing nothing for two weeks, then let’s be real, they are not the type of people you want following you anyway. Engaged followings who love what you do stick around. Simples.

I hope you’ve enjoyed those tips. All that’s left to do is have a great break – well it’s not entirely a break, let’s be real, parenting never stops but it’s the perfect time to get out in the fresh air, break up with your phone and make some memories.


Maxine x


P.s. Have we connected yet? I love connecting with new businesses and fellow parent business owners. You can find me on Instagram or check out what I do over on my website



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