Coming Back from a Digital Summer Slump

by Maxine

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Hey Mamas,

I hope we all had fabulous Summers and I for one feel like we’re back, does anyone else feel like this? I’ve felt that over Summer I’ve been in this haze of what day is it, what am I doing now, being parent, juggling the workload, getting my brain around Ava starting school (she now has, we’re just approaching the end of week one – toot toot), she’s survived and more importantly so have I – ha ha!

Now I feel back, back in the game, ready for action and I hope you all do to. This has actually inspired my blog for today because I know that over Summer our marketing of our businesses can take a hit can’t it?

This can be for many reasons, we may want to actually take a step away from the scrolling and the zones we fall into, we want to focus on family time and being with our kids, having a well earned break but also because our time windows become smaller over the Summer and some things just have to give and often our marketing is one of them.

So I wanted to talk to you about getting out of that Summer slump and getting your head back in the game with your digital marketing and reaching those all important parent buyers – woop woop – let’s go!




1) Ditch the guilt you’re feeling

Before tackling anything physically we need to get that mindset straight because if we don’t nothing else is going to fall into the places we want it to. I know I can personally beat myself up all the time over what I haven’t done, that I’m not superwoman for achieving all the things but you know what? That’s not healthy. If you have made decisions over the Summer to cut back on work to focus on family time or let certain activities slide – that’s all fine. Own it like you did when you made that decision and do not let guilt creep in now you’re back in the game. You did want you did, you’ve had a fab Summer and now it’s time to get back into the groove with a clear head.


2) Reflect on your Website

Take some time to look at your digital marketing channels – so spend some time looking at your website and your pages. Have they had an update in a while? Have you gained any clarity over Summer where you think some things need to be re-worded or changed? Perhaps you found a new supplier and you want to get their details on there. Make a note.


3) Reflect on your Social Media

Spend some time – productively – looking at your social media channels, try really hard not to fall down the scroll hole but look objectively at what kind of content you had been posting, what have you noticed has worked well for others, have you heard about tips you want to try? Make a note.


4) Reflect on your Email Marketing

Now if anything I bet this has taken the biggest hit over Summer and it can often be the case we have a list but as time gets more constraint we leave them a little bit – don’t worry we’ve all been guilty of this but use this to your advantage now – get back in touch and plan out a fab little “We’re back” series to get then reinvigorated with your brand. Talk to them about the new season that’s hitting us and when that A/W collection will drop, what plans you have up your sleeve for Christmas (yep, I mentioned the C word – but that planning needs to happen now so don’t run away from it, embrace it – you’ve got this). Make a note.


5) Make a Cuppa

You’ve been through had a look at the activity channels and you’ve got your notes, now you need to make a cuppa and watch Loose Women, This Morning or Friends on Netflix for 10 mins – let you mind shift focus, unwind and give yourself that pause time. You’ve just gone through a lot of stuff and Mama, you need a break.


6) Form a Plan

This doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds and it can really take no time at all to get back on the digital roundabout and scream with delight. Using all your notes simply start by putting them into actions, actions for you to do and when you are going to do them by. You can use a notebook, Asana, Trello etc how ever you like to work. By starting to give yourself actions you are forming a plan and by giving yourself a deadline you are holding yourself accountable and already giving yourself focus – hurrah!


7) Be Kind to yourself

Always important and you know the more you tell people things or show people things the more it starts to sink in right? Well same with this, so if I have to tell you this in every blog post, by post 7 you’ll start doing it – trust me. In all serious you do need to be kind to yourself and take actionable but realistic steps when you are getting back into the swing with things after Summer. You won’t be able to get everything done, but a little something a day is better than nothing at all and soon those somethings will build to everything. Take your time, trust yourself and your instincts and you’ll be back on board marketing your fabulous family brand in no time.



If you want to talk through an idea, bust through that feeling of overwhelm, conquer a digital hurdle – let’s hop on a Pacifier Power Hour call and work through this together. Click here for more details.

As always you can find me over on Instagram, pop me a DM and say Hello!

Maxine x



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