It’s Not Too Late To End 2018 With A Bang

(Here’s Your Plan of Attack)

by Cori Javid



Hey loves, happy October!

How are you feeling about the fact it’s October? Pleased with your progress so far this year in business? Or not as pleased as you’d hoped?

I know it can be really tempting to start feeling like it’s easier to just give up on the goals you set at the start of the year if you aren’t on track to achieving them.

It’s easy to think about the fact that half term is just around the corner…

And then it’s practically Christmas anyway…

What’s the point?

May as well start afresh in January.

If you’ve slipped into this thinking, I get it.



…I’d LOVE you to stop, take stock and have a think about what you COULD achieve between now and December 31st.

There are still 3 whole months (give or take a few days).

That’s a quarter of the year.

And resolving to start in January, is the same as vowing to start the diet on Monday, right?

Better to hop on it now. Re-energise and attack the end of the year like the bad-ass mother I know you really are 😉

Also, if you let things wind down now, you’re going to be working extra to get things going again come January.

Wouldn’t it be better to go at things now, create some valuable momentum to be in a really great place when 2019 rolls round?

So, if you want to be toasting the incoming of the New Year with a smile of pride in what you’ve achieved, read on my friend, as I have a plan of attack for you:




1. Reassess Your Goals

So you set yourself a goal at the start of the year. Instead of hiding from it or giving up on it, ask yourself if it would in fact be possible to still reach that goal by year end? What would need to happen for that to fall into place? Make a list and decide if you want to keep your goal or adjust it.

Or, if you didn’t set a money goal, now is DEFINITELY the time to do it. Not January. Because here’s the thing. The reason you likely didn’t set a money goal is because you are afraid. Afraid of failing at hitting that goal. Maybe even afraid of reaching that money goal. Fear of success is a real thing.

Either way, if you set a money goal now, and go after it, you are showing yourself that you mean business. That builds self-trust and self-confidence. It is the pursuit that counts even more than achieving it. That’s the thing to be proud of. So set a goal now. Pick a number that has some meaning (more on that in a sec).


2. Recommit The Right Way

So you have your goal. Now what? Well now you need to recommit to it.

But I don’t just mean setting a vague intention to make it happen and then carrying on as usual.

I mean getting really bloomin clear on what that money goal means to you. What does that figure represent? What specifically will you do with that money? How will having or doing that thing make you feel?

Associating feelings and purpose with a money goal makes setting the goal WAY more powerful, than just scribbling down a number which bears no real meaning, other than that it would be quite nice to have that sum of money.

When you are clear on what you will use that money for and how it will make you feel, a couple of things happen. First, you are far more motivated, because that money has meaning and a purpose. Second, you can start to imagine yourself having or doing that thing that the money is intended for. This is rehearsing for success. And if you start doing this visualising every day? Yep, that’s the thing that will make the magic happen.


3. Break It Down

Now that you have a goal and you’re all excited about it, it’s time to break it down. Make yourself a plan. What needs to happen for you to hit that goal? What do you need to achieve each month? What work will need to go into making that happen? Get really clear on the ways that you can work towards hitting that goal and set about ticking them off the list.

Now – and this is an important part – don’t feel like your plan is the ONLY way that you can reach that money goal. Make a plan and start taking action on the plan, yes. But stay open to other possibilities, other ways to make that money along the way.


4. Create Time (it is possible)

“But I don’t have time to make this happen”. I hear that a lot.

And I get it. I am juggling motherhood and a business too. We’re busy, right?

That doesn’t mean you can’t pull this off.

You have to want it though. That’s what point 2 was all about.

And, I am not for one second suggesting that you pull all-nighters or start working like a madwoman to make it happen.

Neither are necessary.

You just need a solid plan and to get #focusedAF

Get really clear on what activities will move the needle on your business (and your plan) and prioritise those. Do them early. Do them before you get embroiled in emails, before you descend the social media spiral.

Get clear on the activities that are draining your time and energy without any real financial reward. Ditch them or delegate them.

And open yourself up to feeling like it IS possible to make it happen. When you shift your mindset to believing there is a solution, rather than believing this is a problem, it is amazing how you can find ways to make things happen without sacrifice or burnout.



There we have it:  your plan of attack that will have you swaggering into 2019 with the distinctive gait of someone who has slayed her goals.

Go and make it happen!

Cori x


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