Get Motivated Post Christmas!


Emily Williams




The time for giving/eating/stressing/not having any time to ACTUALLY relax/ family arguments/ forgetting auntie Rosie’s present/drinking all the wine in sight whilst convincing everyone that its TOTALLY fine when breast feeding. (Disclaimer…. drinking a glass of wine while making/having or looking after a baby is your decision and not for me to say otherwise!)


Whatever this wonderful time of year brings you, it is very often followed by a time of some worry, regret or shear panic that you have 1,000,000 calories to burn off.


So Christmas day has been and gone and you start questioning yourself.”Did I eat 1 (40) too many mince pies? Did that Boxing Day stroll to the only corner shop that’s’ open, count as my intended 10,000 steps per day? Does dragging the baby away from the glass tree decorations 20 times before noon count as that workout I’d promised myself?



Lets be honest, this is what Christmas is about. Its not about the normal routine, its about indulgence in everything from food, TV, naps, games and family.


Try to stay calm, be honest with yourself and start to get your head in a positive ‘lets start this new year right’ place. Maybe your fitness or fat loss goals were put on hold for a few weeks but the key is not to stop moving and not to beat yourself up for it.


January is like the year’s Monday! The 1st week of Jan is pretty much a hungover write off for a lot of us, and when a lot of us get back into a working routine so look at the first week of Jan as one long, motivational Sunday night. Get your head in the game and start thinking positive thoughts!





If you haven’t already, 1st of Jan is a day to write a list! Don’t go mad,keep them realistic and exciting. Write down some daily and weekly goals that you can stick to and DON’T PUT IT OFF! Get yourself a start date. The moment you start you might panic that its all too much and your actually totally fine feeling tired, rubbish and heavy post Christmas, you might want to re-think your goals but stick at it and you’ll soon forget all the extra pounds you might have put on or the hours sat on the sofa.

So you have your note pad in one hand and your enthusiasm to start the year positively in the other…

Firstly really think about WHY you want to exercise. If it is because you hate the way you look or you feel you need to punish yourself for eating ‘dirty’ then you going to struggle. You need to look at training as a treat. Forget about how you look but think about how you FEEL. Its much easier to commit to training that way. Enjoy the muscle burn, the heart racing, the happy hormones and the sweat in your eyes. Know that it is giving your mind and body so much more than a reduction in fat.


It’s a bit of ‘you time’ and you should look forward to it and treasure it.



To feel better about yourself? Weight loss? Fat loss? Muscle gain? Be able to run after your kids and not get out of breath? Feel fit, strong and healthy? To have 30 mins to yourself with no interruptions?

*Note that your main goal may not be measureable (like ‘feeling better’) so be aware of that when times get hard!



10 mins HIIT every day? A workout 3x a week? 10,000 steps each day? 1 hour less TV at night and a jog and shower instead?

Here is the important bit:

List the distractions or hurdles that might crop up. This might be work commitments, the cold, being too busy with children etc.

Then, for each hurdle, write down a way of getting around it.

If it’s time constraints, (due to things like work, children, making dinner etc) then set your goals accordingly. If its only ten mins that you can squeeze in, a few times a week that’s fine! It adds up! If you cant get up 30 mins earlier or you wont do it at 11pm then ask yourself if you REALLY want it. If you don’t want to do it when you can, then it wont happen.

If you really want to add more movement into your life, you will find the time. It’s as simple as that.

I get in my workouts when my daughter is napping. Sometimes, she wont nap or she conveniently naps when I am dressed in jeans, just washed my hair or I’m out and about. Things don’t always go the way you want them to but on those days, I get her involved, or I do a workout in one tiny space on the floor while she plays. That may only be 10 mins but I try and do as much as possible in that ten mins!

She also loves to sleep in the buggy so I know if I have my workout stuff on already I can go to a park or run into town.

Don’t make things hard for yourself. Write down an easy to remember workout and repeat it over the first week or two! It’s easier to give up before you have started if its too complicated.

The days I reeeaaally don’t want to workout are the days when it feels the best once you have finished.

My tip is to just tell yourself your going to do just 5 mins. And then its far less daunting. Before you know it you are 10 mins in and you might as well finish it now you have started!

Here is a easy to remember GO-TO workout that will raise your heart rate and its easy to record your progress and try to improve on each time.

You also don’t need any equipment.





100 Star jumps

90 Mountain climbers

80 Squats

70 Alternate lunges

60 Kick backs (30 each leg)

50 Step ups onto sofa (25 each leg)

40 Tricep dips on sofa

30 Stand up/sit down on the sofa

20 Burpees

10 Press ups on knees

(NB: Change these movements accordingly to your fitness level and or any injuries you may have. But try to stick with the amount of each and monitor your progress so you can try to get a little further each time. Aim for 30-45 mins but no more. Aim to do it as fast as possible with minimal rest)

Pushed for time? Don’t want to think about numbers? Want to do it outdoors or indoors?….

Here is a 20 MIN HIIT (No equipment) that you can do anywhere. HIIT means HIGH INTENCITY INTERVAL TRAINING. This, means you GO LIKE STINK for the 30 seconds the stop and rest for 30 seconds. It should be REALLY hard work and your heart will be racing but you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

(30 second work / 30 second rest)

Squats (or squat jumps)

Walk outs (or burpees)

Lunges (Or jump lunges)

Running on the spot (High knees)


If you struggle with motivation, just keep things simple for yourself. It will take a few weeks to get into a new routine but getting some extra movement into your life will improve your mental health, body, fitness, general mood and you’ll look like a badass that cares about yourself rather than wanting to beat yourself up for the decisions you have made.

Remind yourself that exercise is not a form of torture, nor should it be a chore. It’s as important as taking a shower, drinking water or getting some fresh air. You’re doing your body so much good for it and we should keep in mind that It’s a treat and you ALWAYS feel good after it! It might be hard work and you might have to have an argument with your body to get through it but you will feel 100 times better for it.

We all need that sense of achievement in our daily lives.

Now go get your note pad, your positive pants on and get excited about 2018!

PS: Also…drink more water 😉 lol



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