Working Full time – Mama Full time

by Veronica


Full time Mama 

Before baby Oli, like anyone else I was focused on my career, my social life, my marriage, etc. Since his arrival, everything has had to re-prioritise and is now more like Oli, career, Oli, Social Life, Oli marriage, Oli, etc.

I loved the time off I had during my maternity leave, it was amazing. I had such a nice time with my baby and could focus a lot on things around the house and family. I dreaded the time when I had to go back to work, it was needed but I didn’t want to go at all.

I wanted to be at home, to watch Oli grow and be there for everything, but for some mummies (and families) it is almost impossible to leave work, that extra income is so important for all things at home. So I still consider myself a full-time mum even though I work full time.



Once I am at work…

…I am definitely in the zone very focused on what I’m doing and try to only get the important news from home (nap time and feeding times). Also having fun in the team can be a good way to distract yourself, to focus on you and the things you were doing before the baby.

I count the minutes until I finish work at 5:30 pm and then catch the train at 5:39 pm, which leaves only 1hr and 30minutes to be with Oli during the evening before he goes to sleep, I run to make it to bath time, I run to make it to bedtime bottle and story. Then the next morning, I get him out of his crib and we begin the day again until I leave for work.



At the beginning it broke my heart leaving him in the good hands of my mum or mother-in-law, now he stays calm knowing that I’ll be back in the evening (I would like to think he knows all of that). If you are like me you don’t want to miss any minute, especially miss any new thing he/she might be learning but this is life I guess of working full-time.

So embrace every opportunity of your maternity leave, no matter how long it is, as then you will go on to only embrace every morning, evening and weekend. Just remember everything is a phase and it will go by so fast, so enjoy it and believe you will have that time to be a mum and continue your career. I don’t know how we do it but we are kicking it!


Veronica x