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Getting Started With Email Marketing


Hey Mamas,  

Show of hands, how many New Year, New You posts have you read since Jan?  

How many of you are now heading to the end of Feb thinking “Hmmm I’m still not organised” 

Don’t worry you are not alone my lovelies. I am right there with you. In my mind the year doesn’t really start till Feb anyway because quite frankly who has got the time to get organised over Christmas when you’re in full blown parenting mode. However, this year Feb has also felt like a whirlwind and I am now hoping that March is when I really feel on top of it all – YES! 

In this month’s post I am going to be talking about Email Marketing. I have been getting a lot of emails (ironic) from people lately about email marketing and how to either get started or make it stronger. So, I thought this is a perfect time to share some tips on how to make this marketing activity work for you. 

  1. Find a platform
    Mailchimp is probably the most popular email service provider used by small businesses because it’s FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers. It has an easy to use interface which is what you need. You don’t want something you have to spend ages on setting up. It provides you with reporting – which is paramount. As with any activity you don’t just do it and don’t look at the results, you need to analyse what it working and what isn’t. This is then what helps make your marketing efforts stronger.Mailchimp is easy to use and you will find it can be integrated with pretty much any website platform AND it has a handy app for your phone too. 

Get started with email marketing - digital bon bons

  1. Customise
    Think about the whole user experience from the sign-up form to the emails you send, even down to their email sign up confirmations. Get on brand from the beginning. It may seem like a small thing leaving the Mailchimp (if using Mailchimp of course) grey boring sign up confirmation emails there, but it isn’t showcasing the best look for your business. You want to show who you are from the off so get customising.
  1. Plan
    Think about what you want to say before you even sign up and create an account. Much like social media don’t just jump in and create more work for yourself. Think about whether your business suits email marketing, could it work for you and your customers? If so, then start planning, make a list of the kind of content you want to share, think about how often you want to email them, what’s your message.
  1. Get Automated
    Using Mailchimp again as an example you can create automations. This is fab for creating a welcome series for your customers when they sign up. Picture the journey…They sign up to your mailing listThey get the confirmations (they definitely want to join – eeeek) and that’s it they’re on your list.1 hour later they receive a welcome email from you saying hello, thanking them for signing up and describing what they can expect from your email communications – HOW NICE.You might want to increase this, you might want more than that, it really depends on what works for your business.

    Email Marketing - digital bon bons

  1. Be Compliant
    Now, you may just be starting out or you might have been sending emails out for a while and on the 25th May some regulations are coming in called GDPR. They might sound dull and boring but they are not to be ignore. These regulations are bringing data protection inline with how we now communicate with people and how we use personal data ( think Names, Emails Address, Birth Date etc). So if you communicate with anyone online using this kind of data you are going to need to be compliant with how you obtained their consent to email, how you store this data and what you do with it. This is a massive topic all on its own so I am actually writing a GDPR series for my own website which I will promote when it’s done, so keep your eyes peeled.  


Don’t be scared of using email marketing in your business, it can be a fantastic way to reach customers, build loyalty and increase customer retention.

If you’re not sure where to begin feel free to contact me at 


Maxine x