5 Tips for Getting Started on Pinterest

by Maxine

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Hey Mamas,

I am so thrilled to be back on the Mama Tribe blog and cannot wait to talk to you about a big interest of mine. Pinterest!

Why do I love Pinterest so much?

Well it’s not only a fabulous resource for anything (kid’s parties, home decor, inspiration, travel, content and learning) it’s also a search engine and I love me some search. But why should you be bothered about Pinterest?

Pinterest currently has over 291 million active users a month on the platform and a huge 79.5% of those are female. So first up if your business is targeting females then you might want to take a closer look. If we dive a little deeper we find out that 56% of parents turn to Pinterest. They say it is there go-to destination for finding out about products and services that are going to help them. I know a lot of you lovely MT members are targeting fellow mamas, papas and family members so this is definitely a marketing activity to think about. But how do you get started?


1) Don’t make this another thing on your to-do list

I am a big believer in thinking things through before jumping straight in but I want to add that you mustn’t let overthinking stop you from taking any action at all. The reason I wouldn’t want you to start up with Pinterest before you’re ready is that I don’t want it to be another thing on your never-ending to-do list that you find yourself overwhelmed by or not giving it the attention it needs to really see results from it.

This is why I would love for you to think about:

  • Why this platform would be good for you – do some research, look at the demographics of your audience and those on Pinterest and see what matches up, ask your audience if they use it and in what way. Find out what you can use to make your journey with it start strong.
  • What is your plan for it – With any marketing activity we use it to see a result. That result could be sales-based, people-based, whatever it is, think about what you want from this platform and how much time and energy you can put into it. That’s an important thing alone because if you start something up that actually needs dedicated time and effort but you can’t do that then you are going to find it won’t show you the results you want.


2) It’s a Search Engine, not a Social Media platform

The minute you view Pinterest for what it actually is, a search engine and not a Social Media platform the clearer your approach to it will be. It’s not about connections, community or even follower numbers – Pinterest is about content and traffic and lots of it. It wants you to create and share content, it wants to help your content get discovered and clicked. That is its purpose and for this, you will need to understand how search works and how to optimise your content and your pins to get you found.



3) Know your audience

I know, I know, us marketers talk about this a lot don’t we but it is important. So you might not know what they eat every morning (unless you want to create your own cereal then this would be key info) but you do want to know what their challenges are and what they’re interested in.

Why do you need to know this?

Because if you don’t how will you know what to pin?

How will you know what to create and share with them to get them to click and re-pin your content, this stuff matters?

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a little while, perhaps you’ve dipped your toes in, you can start by looking at what is trending from your domain. If you look at this you can see what is popular from your content, you’ll know what they like which then means you can create more of what they like. If you’re starting from scratch you might have to use other analytics like Google Analytics and take a look at your blog posts and see what’s most popular or your product pages and start with those.


4) Make every pin count

You want to make sure that all of your pins visually engaging and also of high quality. Pinterest, like search engines, won’t like low-quality stuff so ensure you have a nice, bright, engaging pin graphic or images. Avoid anything too small or blurry.

The main objective is getting seen so make sure that every pin you create has a description and a link. You want to take people somewhere so having the link is very important. The description can be up to 500 characters and you want to make sure you are using any keywords here too – things that people are likely to search for and apply to your business, for example:

If I had an online shop that sold products for children’s bedrooms and I had a blog about “5 ways to bring imagination to your children’s bedroom” I would say something like;

Are looking to bring creativity and imagination to your child’s bedroom? If so we have 5 ways that you can do this today and on a budget. Click through to read the tips over on our blog. #childrensbedrooms #roomsforkids #kidbedroomdecor

Oh yes, I added some hashtags there too. Don’t go overboard with hashtags, Pinterest doesn’t like them in the same way Instagram does so you don’t want to stuff your description full of the things.


5) Mix it up

On Pinterest people avoid following accounts that are solely advertising to them, they like to follow because of the relationship with the brand/business and the value it provides. With this, it is very important that you also pin content that isn’t just from your site and only promoting you and what you do. By curating content from appropriate and supporting resources you are giving people a much better experience overall. Your audience will also appreciate that you take the time finding content that will be relevant and of interest to them. Joining group boards and Tailwind tribes for this is really good and also using your own followers on Pinterest for content inspiration too.



I really hope those tips help. Pinterest is a fantastic marketing tool for increasing your traffic and driving sales.

If you’d like to get started using Pinterest in your business but you’re not sure whether it’s the right move or perhaps you want some help setting everything up, why not book a FREE call with me and we can talk about how you can use this platform for your business.

Maxine x


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