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Why Setting Up My Business

When My Baby Was Just Four Weeks Old

Helped My Stress and Anxiety


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Before I had Isabella I worked what could be considered as quite a stressful job. There would be days where the stress got too much and I’d come home exhausted mentally and physically from the day but that stress was always much easier to try and switch off from at home in the evenings or the weekends.


Suffering from anxiety didn’t help this but I felt it was under control. But on having Isabella that stress and anxiety become something bigger and something which at first and still on some days now I just can’t get a handle on.


The thing that makes me most stressed is feeding.

When Isabella was 2 weeks old we found out she had oral thrush. With every feed she would scream and I found this so difficult to deal with. I began to resent feeding times, I’d avoid leaving the house if it was near a feeding time, I would pray that she would stay asleep the whole time we where out and if she did start crying I would leave immediately not wanting to be seen as a failure for not being able to console her crying. The oral thrush lasted approximately 8 weeks.

Mama Tribe Isabella and Us Emma Cottam Guest Blog

Over that time my husband, family and friends stepped in to help as much as they could to help relieve the pressure and help keep me calm.



I’ve been a mummy for nearly 7 months now, Isabella is growing so fast, I can hardly keep up! But looking back I know that motherhood has massively caused my anxiety and stress levels to go through the roof at times but I’m finding it much easier to know deal with how I am feeling. I’m taking time to process my feelings, talking through with my husband about anything that I am feeling stressed about but I’m also feeling much more confident sharing how I am feeling with others, through my business Isabella and Us and through other sources.


Starting Isabella and Us. in the mist of Isabella’s oral thrush when she was 4 weeks old, sounds like an insane idea but it’s really helped me to focus and to bring those experiences I had at the start of motherhood and use my journey into motherhood hopefully for some good in helping other mummies.

Top Tip.

My top tip for how I deal with stress is to talk. Talk through those feelings with someone or yourself, get to the bottom of what is making you stressed and then put a plan in place for how you can best deal with it. A problem shared is always a problem halved – no matter how small the problem is.


Emma x

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