5 Ways to Increase Energy & Decrease Overwhelm

by Taru

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5 Ways to Increase Energy & Decrease Overwhelm

Most of us are finding this time a rollercoaster of emotions and it was, in the beginning, going to be a short term thing… that has now turned into months of ‘temporary solutions’ and living an unusual life.

Some have found joy in this new, slow and more inward-looking time. Some have found it to be extremely stressful and overwhelming.

And most have surely felt both. In the space of a single day.

The good news is that there is a lot that we can do with our simple daily choices that make a world of a difference to how we feel altogether. And how much less our emotions take control over us.

The more your diet is in balance, the less you are likely to feel extreme anxiety or overwhelm.

Eating regular meals and preventing hypoglycaemic states is crucial for balance!



People who feel anxiety may lean on alcohol to calm their nerves, but excessive drinking can lead to its own set of emotional and physical problems.

We all have found ways to cope with the unusual circumstances we’ve been given to deal with, but as diet and nutrition are one of the pillars of good health and happy and confident individuals, I wanted to share my 5 top tips to increase energy and decreasing anxiety and overwhelm.

Improving your diet can seem like an enormous goal, one that people often think requires rigid self-discipline and sacrifice. Cupcakes out, pizza out, treats out, sigh.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes making better decisions for your body can be about adding — not taking away. This may create a more palatable option for you when you’re already feeling stretched and are looking for a health boost that feels like a bonus, not a burden.

You can try all of these, but take one on at a time. Or otherwise, you may end of feeling even more overwhelmed… making changes to improve the balance is a great thing, but only if you give yourself enough time. Otherwise, your body and mind will resist and you are most likely doomed to fail. Patience my dear! You will get there, soon.



5 Ways to Increase Energy & Decrease Overwhelm

Here’s my quick to read, digest and implement – list of things that you can do STARTING TODAY to begin feeling more energised and less overwhelmed.


Increase your intake of vegetables.

Aim for 5 vegetables a day. (+ any fruits)

a. Not only are they great to fill you up as they are loaded with fibre, but they will also boost your nutritional status by delivering a wide range of vitamins and minerals your body needs.

b. Aim for 2-3 different colours at each meal.

i. EXAMPLE: Lunch grain salad: sweetcorn, baby spinach and tomatoes or breakfast smoothie: blueberries, frozen kale and mango


Drink 2 more glasses of water.

Most people drink too little water. Dehydration (even low level) causes tiredness and can often be mistaken for hunger.


Pick a grain for every meal.

a. Choose whole grains whenever possible. Trying to ‘cut carbs’ will only make you feel more tired and that will increase your feelings of anxiety.

b. Aim to base your meals on a grain base and vegetables. Then add other ingredients as you see fit.


Take a walk every day and lookup.

Walking for just 30 minutes a day will increase your energy levels and boost your mood. But make sure that when you’re out walking, look up! According to studies, looking ahead when you’re walking outside has mood-boosting properties and can help you stay positive. Just try it, it’s a weird one, but really makes a difference!


Go to bed 10 minutes earlier.

a. Grab a notebook or a journal and write down 5 things that you’re thankful for or glad about. Also, make a list of 5 reasons WHY you are AMAZING. And then sleep tight.

b. Continue this for a week and feel the difference!

These things I have listed above are just some of the easy ways you can boost your energy levels, increase wellbeing and decrease the draining feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

If you are feeling stuck, exhausted beyond means or don’t know how to get started on getting out of that *feeling* – book a FREE, no-obligation call with me.

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