Grace Lillywhite

Centred Mums

Hi Grace,
Tell us about your business and the services you offer?

Centred Mums runs group and one to one Pilates sessions in person and online as well as online programmes for you to complete at your own pace.

We are here for you if you’re pregnant or have ever been pregnant (even if that was 20 years ago!) and are looking for advice and support in how best to stay active and connected to your body. If you have abdominal separation, pelvic floor issues (a little bit of wee is NOT normal!) or are unsure how to manage pain when exercising then please get in touch as we believe we can help you! Our primary focus is to let all women know that pregnancy and postnatal exercise, wellness and nutrition are VITAL and LIFE CHANGING.

The way you treat your body during pregnancy and your postnatal years will stay with you for the rest of your life. We want to teach as many women as possible how to look after their pregnant and postnatal bodies, and how to connect to their body so they can exercise safely, effectively and in a way that is sustainable for the rest of their lives.



How did you come up with the idea and what motivated you to go for it?

I had been teaching pre/postnatal Pilates for 8 years but I wanted to offer a more holistic package to mums so I trained in nutrition, hypnobirthing and as a doula to enable me to give a more holistic and person centred approach to pre and postnatal wellbeing.

What do you love about running your own business and what do you find hard?

I love my clients and the fact that I feel like I help people every day, I love that I can choose how much I work but i also find that a challenge as I often find it hard to switch off from ideas/things that need to be done in the business.


What kind of BossMum are you and how do you manage the juggle?

I am winging it all the way! I hope to be more organised when my kids start sleeping through!


How do you define success?

Finding balance between enjoying work, making money and being present as a mum/wife/friend/daughter. I’m still working on that!

What has been a particular highlight for you since starting your business?

Being asked to be a faculty member for The Center for Women’s Fitness. I admire Carolyne Anthony so much and it was a dream come true to be brought into her team.

What’s next for your business?

To build the online platform and get the work out there to more women.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about setting up their own business?

Do what you love and invest in your training – people can tell the difference between someone who has committed fully to their job and someone who is just trying it out.


What is your favourite Social Media platform and how has it helped in your success?

I think it is Instagram now but I’ve only been active on there since June so not sure how much it has contributed! I’m fairly new to using social media for my business as I have always been lucky enough to just use word of mouth but since lockdown I have had to rethink that and get with the times!


Tell us 3 facts about you…
  1. I have a dog called Ziggy
  2. I do Transformational Breathing classes and they changed my life.
  3. I hate being too hot!


What do you enjoy most about being a part of Mama Tribe?

I love being part of a community of women who want to support each other.

Thanks for giving us an insight into life behind Centred Mums Grace, we love having you as a Member of the Tribe.

Danni x
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