Krista Mansfield





Hi Krista,


Tell us about your business and the type of products you sell?

I make soy wax crystal candles and melts. I carefully match the scent notes to the benefits of the candle so they work well together in harmony.



How did you come up with the idea and what motivated you to go for it?

I had got into crystal healing and completely fell in love with how it was changing my life. I also knew how overwhelming it had been though! There was so much information everywhere and it just felt like so much. I wanted a way to get crystals to people in a less scary way – so Crystabelles was born.

I knew I wanted the candles to be as clean burning as possible so I then did a lot of testing, trialling and research before settling on the wax and fragrances I use. All the candles come with the information for the crystal so customers have it to hand and don’t have loads to remember about the crystals properties and benefits etc.


What do you love about running your own business and what do you find hard?

I love the feedback. I love the messages from happy customers that have fallen in love with their candles and I also love hearing the positive feedback on their lives from the crystals. I also love that it’s given my partner and I something we love doing together for our future. It’s great to grow the business together. I find it hard juggling everything. Social media, photography, website maintenance, printing, planning etc. There’s so much that goes on behind a business that often gets forgotten.


What kind of Boss Mum are you and how do you manage the juggle? 

100% with organisation! Luckily my partner is also a very organised person so everything has its place and we both stick to it. It’s so hectic that we would waste so much time hunting for things if they weren’t in their own areas. It keeps us both less stressed and on top of things!


Do you have a favourite app or work tool you think everyone should know about?

Canva. I use canva a lot to keep all of my images on brand and it’s so easy to use!



How do you define success?



What’s next for your business?

We will be buying our own house soon (hopefully) so we need a dedicated unit to be built for the business there. We are quickly outgrowing the place we have here and have candles and supplies coming out of our ears!



What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To be true to myself and rise above people that try to bring me down.


What advice would you give someone who was thinking about setting up their own business?

Research! Put everything into the beginning stages so you have firm foundations to build on.


What is your favourite Social Media platform and how has it helped in your success?

Facebook. I love Facebook. I have been able to build some really lovely relationships with my customers and I love that.


What was your dream job growing up?

I changed my dream job often when growing up but the theme of the jobs were always the same! I wanted to work for myself. So whether that was owning a beauticians, vets surgery, hairdressers, gift shop …. I was always certain I wanted to work for myself.



Thanks for giving us an insight into life behind Crystabelles Krista, we love having you as a Member of the Tribe.


Danni x

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