Michelle Gyimah

Equality Pays

Hi Michelle,


Tell us about the Services you offer?

Simply put I help women feel good about asking for more at work in their business.

I work with women to craft their negotiation ask, set prices in their businesses that will bring in profit and teach them how to deal with objections and pushback.


How did you come up with the idea and what motivated you to go for it?

I’ve worked I with corporates for years on closing the gender pay gap, but I was aware that so many women were holding back when it came to asking for more money.

I’ve always loved helping friends and family informally, so I decided it was time to make it into a business!


What do you love about running your own business and what do you find hard?

I love the flexibility and fun element to running my business. I set the rules and get to change them to suit me. However….being the only decision maker and having all that responsibility 100% of the time can be exhausting. Oh and I’m a teeny bit obsessed with my biz so I’m crap at switching off!


What kind of BossMum are you and how do you manage the juggle?

Right now, I’m totally winging it. People think I have my s**t together but trust me there are so many days when I do not! I want to be more organised in 2020 though!


Do you have a favourite app or work tool you think everyone should know about?

Otter – it’s a transcription app and I bloody love it! I use it to record ideas, blogs, newsletters, meetings you name it. Then when I’m ready I can listen to it again or use the transcribed text. Such a time saver!


How do you define success?

Success is achieving whatever goal I’ve set myself. So that could be a money goal, time goal or anything else. It’s totally flexible and is about what I think it is, not others.


What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

That I’m a life long learner. Running your own biz requires constant learning and expanding your thinking. After university I was adamant I’d never take another course, but I’ve done tonnes of biz related ones!


What is a normal day in your life like?

Depends if I’m home with the baby or not! If I’ve got baby, then I’m doing biz stuff during nap times and any spare moment I get! When she’s in nursery, i tend to cram calls, biz admin, coaching calls and marketing into that day. I only have 2 days childcare so it’s a tight squeeze.

I mainly work from home as most of my work is remote/online but sometimes i travel to see clients or go to London to give talks at conferences.

When I need extra childcare my other half takes time off work or I use the Bubble App (which is brill) to get a baby sitter in while I work at home or away.

It all feels like a constant juggle especially as my youngest is under 18 months (and I have a 6 yr old), but so far it’s working out.


What has been a particular highlight for you since starting your business?

Getting so many thank you messages in my inbox from women saying thank you for the work I do. That makes me feel so good and helps me keep showing up, even when I don’t feel like because you know, biz can be hard sometimes!


What’s next for your business?

I’m still working on that. I love public speaking so want to do more of that. I want to perhaps branch into money coaching as I’m fascinated with how women view money, avoid it etc.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Your business, your rules.


What advice would you give someone who was thinking about setting up their own business?

Do it! Find others who’ve done it and learn from them. There are lots of FB groups so join a few and find the ones you resonate with. If you’ve a partner, involve them so they know what you’re doing and why. Oh and get clear on your money stuff from the start. You’re running a business not a charity.


What is your favourite Social Media platform and how has it helped in your success?

LinkedIn – I love the variety of people and conversations on there. I’ve got most of my clients there and is a huge part of my business success to date.


Who inspires you?

Julie Creffield – I’m in her mastermind and working with her has transformed my business.


What was your dream job growing up?

I wanted to be an actress- but alas my mum had other ideas!


Tell us 3 facts about you…
  1. I only learnt to swim as an adult – I had a terrible fear of water.
  2. I’ve lived in Manchester since 1998 but I still have my London accent.
  3. It took me 4 attempts to pass my driving test – I’m a pretty good driver now!
What do you enjoy most about being a part of Mama Tribe?

That everyone just ‘gets’ what it’s like to be a mum in business. I’ve been looking for a group like this for ages – so glad I found it!



Thanks for giving us an insight into life behind Equality Pays Michelle, we love having you as a Member of the Tribe.


Danni x


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