Claire Benton

The Pregnancy Calendar

Hi Claire,


Tell us about your business and the type of products you sell?

The Pregnancy Calendar was launched August 17th and it is a countdown calendar for the final 24 days of pregnancy. Inside the calendar, there is a full-size gift for either mum or baby.
I have specially selected companies that have mum and baby in mind. Pregnancy essentials and baby treats that are all-natural. I have included products and gifts that I think pregnant women need/want and baby bits that will get mum excited for her new arrival. The last drawer in the calendar has an online baby massage course with oil for mum and baby to enjoy together, as I wanted the gift to keep on giving after the baby had arrived. I eventually want to sell in shops but at the moment I am only online.



How did you come up with the idea and what motivated you to go for it?

I was pregnant with my 4th baby boy and had left work, the baby shower had been and gone and I had a month to go. I said to my husband “I wish I had a countdown calendar for this final bit” and that’s how the idea started. I told a friend over coffee my idea and she thought it was brilliant and said I had to go for it. I’m glad she did.


What do you love about running your own business and what do you find hard?

I love learning every day and in business, I guess that will never stop. I was a teacher for 15 years and have given it up to focus my time on the business. I love that it brings me so much happiness when I get a lovely review but I find it hard I can’t share that with a partner or a team…yet!


What kind of BossMum are you and how do you manage the juggle?

I like to be as organised as I can but it can be hard and unpredictable in my house. As we have 4 boys aged 19 down to 2, 2 dogs and a cat, there’s always something going on and needing attention. So sometimes I wing it!


What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?

How nice people I’ve never met can be and I have met some exceptionally helpful people.


How do you define success?



What’s next for your business?

I want to be able to grow the pregnancy calendar and have varying types for more choice and eventually a countdown calendar for other major events in life.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Trust the process.


What is your favourite Social Media platform and how has it helped in your success?

Instagram is my favourite as I have met most of my suppliers and coaches through there.


Who inspires you?

My 18-year-old son. He contracted meningitis at 13 months old, amongst other rare infections. It led to him having 35 operations over his lifetime. He has just had major surgery last month which led to complications. He is exceptionally brave and one of the funniest people I know! For me, he defines determination.


What was your dream job growing up?

To be a pilot or a teacher.

Thanks for giving us an insight into life behind The Pregnancy Calendar Claire, we love having you as a Member of the Tribe.

Danni x

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