What Scared Me The Most About Motherhood

The Journey To My Bump Pay

by Tobi

My Bump Pay




I feel so proud to be part of the Mama Tribe, sharing a space full of inspiration and amazing mums in business.

My name is Tobi, Creator of My Bump Pay.

Think of My Bump Pay as a directory of corporate maternity and paternity pay packages, giving you the heads up on what it’s like to work at a UK company with a baby on the way—and beyond—with the added bonus of reviews submitted anonymously by our community. ⁣


In 2017…

… just like 800,000 other women in the UK that year, I found out I was going to become a mum! In that moment I felt a flurry of emotions, questions and fears. How will this huge change affect my life? How will this huge blessing affect my career? What does my maternity policy look like, and how exactly does maternity pay work?

I had heard a number of horror stories about working mums, and I was determined not to have a negative experience. The questions were endless. But the questions that I couldn’t shift were all around managing my finances and career.


So I turned to my tribe.

I was lucky enough to have a WhatsApp group of 21 friends who were all becoming mums in the same year! Yes, 21! Crazy! We called ourselves Yummy Mummies 2017. I asked, well, we all asked a ton of questions about maternity leave, maternity pay and careers. It soon became apparent that all parents-to-be were trying to understand the complexities of maternity or paternity pay, what it looked like from company to company, which companies were genuinely a good match for each mum and their family, maternity leave, maternity rights and the list goes on.

Then there came another grouping of friends and acquaintances who were thinking about a family at some point in the future and wanted to know how to find out about a company’s parental and family policies, without putting their cards on the table and facing potential discrimination, being purposely overlooked, or even being pushed out of a business.


A need for information

Very quickly it became evident that there was a need for information to help ambitious parents navigate this jungle. I wanted every person thinking about having a family to genuinely feel that they were able to make the decision about the right employer for them based on how well a company was equipped to support them at every stage of their personal development, free from the fear of discrimination.

I wanted every parent to experience this too. Why? Because there is a point where many talented women potentially drop out of the workforce, and some men are forced to sacrifice seeing their family due to unfriendly family organisations. Ancillary to this, I wanted to provide a space in which parents and parents-to-be could find advice on navigating around money, careers and becoming a parent.

It’s early days, and we are building our community; come and join us. Want to share an anonymous parent’s review to help pay it forward?

Check out our survey here!

Tobi x



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