An Interview With

Yvonne Telford

Founder of

Kemi Telford

Kemi Telford is known for it’s vibrant fabrics and bold patterns made in to fabulous skirts and dresses to suit all body shapes. It’s what makes the brand so identifiable and perhaps iconic. You can always spot a Kemi Telford skirt when flicking through instagram.
However the collection also includes strong slogan tops, jewellery and tote bags, which is where it all began and how I first came across the brand back in 2017.
Yvonne the founder of Kemi Telford (yes, her name is Yvonne) is a mother of two girls and lives with her husband and daughters in Surrey. Before having children, Yvonne studied Law and then went on to work as a Credit Risk Analyst for a large pharmaceutical company. 
Whilst raising her children she started a blog and two years later things evolved leading to the creation of her fashion business, Kemi Telford. 
I’m thrilled to feature Yvonne on Mama Tribe.

Read her interview below…

Tell us about your career journey that led you start up your own business
I was a Credit Risk Analyst and became a stay home mum when I had my first daughter. Five years into caring for my family, in 2015 I launched a blog called KemiKids. A few years later that blog evolved and became a business. (Yvonne’s first products were her slogan tote bags that were a sell out).
What sparked the idea for your business?
It had always been my childhood dream. (Her Mother and Father owned their own businesses in Nigeria, so running a business obviously runs in the family).
What challenges have you faced as a startup and how did you overcome them?
Finding ethical and reliable suppliers who are ready to work with me. I just kept googling until I found one local to me. We are not ‘fast fashion’. Our clothes are of high quality and expected to last a long time. 
How do you manage the Mumboss juggle?
I couldn’t do anything without the support of my husband and daughters.
Finding ‘me’ time as a Mum is hard, how do you make time for yourself?
I wake up earlier than other members of my family. That is how I find time for myself.
Whats your favourite business tool / resource / app?
100% Instagram
What advice would you give to anyone setting up or growing their business?
Be confident in what service you are offering.
Mama Tribe is all about community, connection and collaboration. Are there any great businesses you want to share with the Tribe, or Women in business you think we should be following?
@stylemehappyart @rachelsheridanmorrisroe @mollyginnellyjewellery

Thanks so much Yvonne, it was great to find out a bit more about your business and motherhood journey. Danni x

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