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Part 2: Bekki Becoming a Mama 


Bekki very kindly shared her story on her bump within my last feature Part One here if you missed it and has very kindly talked us through her birth and becoming a mum. 



How was the birth?  


I had chosen a local midwife led unit with a lovely big room and birthing pool to give birth but it turned out that wasn’t meant to be! Baby Barbs kept us waiting 12 days by which point I was too late to give birth there and had to be booked in for an induction at another hospital. Which at the time was both upsetting and stressful as it was something I hadn’t planned for. Although it turns out it would be the same hospital I was born at which was a little comforting.  

It turns out nothing really went to plan and I ended up having an emergency c section because baby beans heartbeat was struggling during my contractions. But in the end I realised I had to go with what the professionals advised as they had both mine and the baby’s best interests at heart. After being whipping into the operating theatre our little girl arrived safe and sound so regardless of her coming out of the sunroof, she still arrived safely in our arms.   


How did you find the first couple of weeks? 


No one can ever prepare you for the mixed bag of emotions that soon ensues when you get home with your bundle of joy. You really are in your own little bubble. From our elation to pure fear of having this precious little human to look after and keep alive, it really is a rollercoaster of emotions!! Like the paranoid parents we were after 10 days we took our first trip to A&E after Florence hadn’t stopped crying for over 4 hours. The poor little mite had colic so really struggled for the first few months and had her mummy and daddy climbing the walls most nights!! But I wouldn’t swap those sleepy snuggles, being trapped under a sleeping babba or having to learn to eat one handed for the world!!  


How did you decide on the name? 


Florence only actually entered the running in the last few weeks of my pregnancy! We were always going to choose a traditional name and Iris and Matilda were the top 2 choices but after coming across Florence and realising it was one of our favourite places in Italy, it was a no brainer.  


What did you love most about the new born stage? 


That newborn smell is something I wish you could bottle!! It doesn’t last long but that smell really is magical and it can get you through those tiring sleepless days. Looking back I know at the time being trapped under a sleeping baby for sometimes a couple of hours unable to eat or go to the loo felt like you were wasting the day just watching another box set. But those days really did fly by and I wish I’d appreciated them a little more because newborn sleepy snuggles really are the best!  


Why did you choose to have her photographed her at this age? 


I think the realisation of how quickly the time goes with a baby made me want to capture as many moments as I could. It’s hard to remember sometimes how little they are and what they are doing at different stages in their development so to have photographic evidence was really important to me. To have precious little fingers and toes captured throughout that first year is so lovely and makes the sleepless nights all worthwhile! We already have lots of Lisa’s pictures on display and I can’t wait to get more dotted around the house!  


Bekki it was an absolute pleasure meeting Florence when she was so little and you just looked amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your story and my pics on MamaTribe  


Lots of love 


Lisa xx