5 ways branding photography can boost your business

5 ways branding photography can massively boost your business

Investing in high quality branding photography can play a huge role in scaling your business up to the next level, increasing your visibility and reach. Ultimately increasing your income through new clients, customers or sales.


With so many businesses online, across social media and communicating virtually, how you and your business is represented becomes very visual. In order to create a cohesive message, your imagery needs to match with your graphics and the conversational tone of your brand.

Everyone knows, people buy from people and if you are not getting to meet your potential client or customer face to face, then what you are presenting online, needs to express who you are.

Having a branding photoshoot is a really good investment for your business and you will get a return on that investment in so many ways. Custom photography is an asset, therefore having a library of image files to use, will boost your business, let me explain how …

Use them across your website

Personalising your business with photographs, creates trust. It visually tells the story of your business, your brand and its unique value, YOU.

At the very LEAST, you should have a headshot on your website. People want to know you are a real person, and they are far more likely to contact you. People do business with PEOPLE, I know I’ve kind of said that already, but it’s an important factor and why you need to be seen.

Use them across your social media platforms

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest. Posts that include an image of someone gather more interest, therefore more visibility and engagement. However platforms like Instagram are very visual, and good quality images will make you stand out from the crowd.

Use them in your newsletters, press releases or email marketing

Showing who you are will help you stand out more, than just telling them who you are. It also means as a first point of contact, they will get an idea of who you are and what you offer that will help create a feeling of trust and familiarity when they look at your website and social media platforms.

Refresh your profile pictures every few months so that people see a new image of you

This puts you back in the front of their mental database. Just remember to use the same image across all platforms so people can quickly recognise you.

Use them for interviews, events, podcasts or guest blog features

Make sure your branding is cohesive. That includes fonts, graphics, colours AND includes images. It will help make you more visible, recognisable and strengthen your brand image.

My Branding Photography Shoot with Lisa from Little Beanies Photography

Lisa has 15 years worth of Corporate Marketing experience and together with her photography skills, she is able to give you a Personal Branding Photo Shoot that will really help you stand out.

We had a pre-session consultation to gather ideas and to create a mood board to make sure we would be able to get the images I needed on the day.

The shoot was a fun morning, going to a few different locations we’d found armed with a few outfit changes. Lisa can make even the most camera shy client feel at ease.

“I absolutely loved getting to know Danni and her Mama Tribe brand and we really did have lots of fun on the day. It’s so easy to shy away from the camera but my job is to put you at ease, to capture the real you, a natural shot that shows your personality and portrays you and your business. Lisa – Little Beanies Photography’”

So if you really want to stand out, then stop using generic stock photography or low quality selfies and get in front of a professional camera. It can really set you apart from the rest and show you really do mean business.

I will now be practising what I preach by using the images I’ve created with Lisa from Little Beanies Photography. I plan to update my website, marketing material and use my new branded images across my social media platforms. Watch this space…

All images are by Little Beanies Photography

Find out more about Lisa and her services

Sessions start from £125



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