My Daughter’s Lockdown Party

by Nikki

Padstone PA

What a blast!

I wrote a blog back in May regarding my daughter’s 5th birthday party and the plans we had made to celebrate the day. I was not sure how it would go and how my daughter would respond to not being surrounded by family, fawning all over her for the day. Well, let me tell you, I was surprised beyond belief by her acceptance and understanding. To be fair, we did have an awesome day.



It started with balloons, cards and pressies. What is not to like there? Then we went on to stacks of pancakes with a candle and ALL the toppings.  I love pancakes as they feel naughty and the kids think they are a sugary treat, but sneaky mum always adds tons of fruit and honey to the mix. Feels like a really s**t win but a win none the less.



Then the main event…

…the entertainment with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. The birthday girl was wired (see above re all the toppings!). She decorated the living room with her balloons for her friends to see, she put on her new dress and the excitement was palpable. The screen was full of school friends, cousins, grandparents, uncles and aunts. Craig, the entertainer, was fab! He had the kids squirming in laughter from the get-go and made Bethany feel really special as he made her his special helper who, by using her TV remote, helped him with his magic.



Most of the photos I took of the birthday girl are just a blur as she was bouncing around with happiness. He followed up the magic show with some of the ol’ favourite party dance tunes which got everyone moving. He had a range of ages from 3-13 to entertain and he managed it well. I even received a text from a mum after who said she had hoped to get on with some work while the kids joined the party but she stayed as it was so much fun.



We had made the birthday cupcakes the day before, the sun shone so we had the giant unicorn sprinkler out, a piñata got annihilated and we set up a drive-through McBeths for lunch. Pizza was the request for the evening meal, all topped off with a camp over in the garden. It was a success! So much so that my other children have requested a lockdown birthday too 😬. I thoroughly enjoyed our lockdown celebration and would highly recommend Non-Stop Kids Entertainment to anyone.


Nikki x