Maxine runs Digital Bon Bons, a digital marketing agency focusing on businesses with children and parents as their target customers. Maxine specialises in web design and build, social media, email marketing and digital marketing strategies. She can help you grow your business and market it the right way. Enabling your business to reach the parents and families ready and waiting to buy from you.

Making a Digital Splash in 2018


Hey Mamas,

Happy New Year! 2018 – can you believe it, Christmas is over and now it’s back to reality, or does reality ever really go away? I don’t think so. With a new year ahead of us I want to kick things off with talking about how you can make a digital splash in 2018.  

So, you’ve got your business, you’re doing it, you are out there in the big bad digital world, and it can be bad sometimes – algorithms keeping us on our toes, trying to get found in Google, never mind finding the time to think of content and schedule it for your audience. But have no fear, don’t let digital get you down, you can do it. 


Instagram Stories really picked up for businesses in 2018 with more and more brands showing their faces, their fun and personal side of their business and this is a great way for you to get in front of your customers and show them you. Your audience are parents, they relate to other parents and our situations, so don’t be afraid to show who you are and what you’re doing, whether that’s juggling orders while doing a 12pm feed. Businesses with over 10K in followers can also make use of the Swipe Up feature meaning people can access your content straight from stories.  

If you are a Shopify user Instagram are bringing a new integration coming this year. You will be able to tag your products in a photo with the name and the price, then users can click and go straight through to buy! Who’s going to love that? 


Boosting & Paid Ads 

I write this with a heavy heart as I don’t like the way this is going but boosting and using paid ads are on the increase again for 2018. The reason I don’t like it is because it forces businesses into a corner to spend, where their engagement is based on their spend and not the quality of their content and this pains me.  

Both Facebook and Instagram I feel are pushing more and more businesses to boost and pay for Ad’s, it’s shame. Keep your eyes on it. If you’ve not done any social media advertising before read up before hand and think about your budget and what you want to spend. Maybe save them for big promotions rather than every day content.  



Blogging is the perfect way to have regularly updated content on your website and I know so many businesses who let blogging fall to the bottom of the pile in 2017 (myself included, luckily I always managed my Mama Tribe posts though ? ).  

Think about your content topics and how often your audience would value the content. Always think about your audience – when you write, when you post – what would work for them? Then you can start planning.  

The important thing about blogging is the marketing, it’s no good having loads of blog posts if you don’t tell anyone about them. You need to drive traffic to them for them to be read – that’s the only way you’ll know how valuable they are being.  

If you’re struggling on blogging ideas or content fellow Mama Tribe member Saskia from Share the Joy Media is a fantastic copywriter and she offers a range of packages to help you out of your blogging fog.  



It’s hard to believe that some businesses still don’t have fully responsive versions of their websites, but it’s true, they are still out there and it is now getting really detrimental to your business. Google will start to look for a mobile version first before a “computer” version so you need to make sure your website is ticking the boxes.  

Most platforms that allow you to create your own website do provide a mobile friendly version but don’t just rely on this. Make sure you test it and check it yourself on devices. A tool I always use is – this allows you to put the website address in and choose different screen sizes for desktop, mobile and tablet.  


There are lots of exciting developments happening with Digital Marketing in 2018. I’ll be keeping you in the loop with further posts. 


Maxine x